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Doing a Happy Dance

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Well, I believe there is a new permanent furry resident in our family, now dubbed Sir Gibbons by my hubby...

It seems the little kitten we were going to take care of until he got better wormed his way into hubby's heart and will be staying with us for good He doesn't appear to bother hubbys or my sons allergies. Is it possible that some cats are worse than others for allergens? Onyx doesn't bother either of them either.

Now all I have to do is talk to my landlord and convince him to let me keep the little guy. We have done a lot to fix up this house for him, and hes been in here since we moved in and noticed no litter box smell (the reason he didn't want us having cats).

So keep the little guy in your thoughts and pray that my landlord's heart will soften like my hubbys :rainbow:

I'll have some pics for you in the next couple of days of Gibs
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Hey Melissa, what a result!

I'll keep on hopin' that your landlord is as decent a bloke as your hubbs.
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I am keeping my fingers crossed that your landlord lets you keep Sir Gibbons! BTW, that is a cute name for him!
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I hope it all works out for you.
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Melissa that's great news! I'm so glad you were able to help the little guy out and now have a new addition to your family!
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That is so FABULOUS! (I just got to keep Munchkin myself. She snuggled into hubby's shirt and that was it!)

BTW, if allergies do bother them, I have the solution! I am terribly allergic to cats - but live with three, two short hair and one long hair. I take Zyrtec-D twice a day and have a steriod cream in case I break out in hives (which doesn't happen much any more. I wonder if you build up immunities over time? Hmmmmm).

Looking forward to pics!

Happy Day!!!!!!
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thats wonderful!!! you'll be a great mum!
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I've been keepin an eye on your story here, I just realized we are in the same kneck of the woods... I am in Dartmouth. Glad to hear about the good fortune 4 you and Sir Gibbons
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YEY! Congrats Mel! And HURRY WITH THE PICS already!!
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Hooray for you Melissa!! And Hooray for Sir Gibbons! I sending soft heart vibes to your landlord. Can't wait for pics of the little guy!

Laurie, to answer your question: yes you do grow an immunity to animals that you are constantly exposed to. The extent of the immunity depends on the person. It's basically the same idea as allergy shots, where they give you shots of the things you are allergic to to build up immunity. Also, there was a study not too long ago that children who grow up with fuzzy animals (fish don't count) as pets have a significantly reduced risk of developing asthma later on.
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Melissa! Good for you. Well, cats have a way of winning over men, don't they? I hope the landlord is not a problem. Perhaps if he realizes he's dealing with a knighted gentleman?

Laurie, My daughter-in-law is allergic to cats, but not to the one she lives with. Evidently, she has built an immunity to her own, but her eys sometimes water when she visits other people's homes.
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Melissa...I am SO happy for you and Sir Gibbons!

Love that name by the way. Can't wait to see some pics of the little guy!
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Sir Gibbons is officially a part of our family

I spoke to the landlord today and told him what the poor little guy had been through and he said we could keep him! :rainbow:

Hubby is becoming very attached to little Gibs, and Onyx has started playing with him in short bouts. Gibbons chases him around the house and he'll get annoyed and hide in my bedroom for a while :laughing:

I think it will be good for Onyx to have another kitty around for company- I was pretty worried about him being lonely while I was at work all day.

Now..if I could only find the cable to my digital camera to download the pics of the new little guy....
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Uh Mel, can I just say.........

FIND THE CABLE, FIND THE CABLE, FIND THE CABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!! :laughing:
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