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Whats the wildest color your hair has been? - Page 2

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I've dyed my hair pretty much every colour in the rainbow, but most times the dyes don't "stick" because my natural colour is too dark.

One time, a bunch of us were heading to Canada's Wonderland (a theme park outside of Toronto), so we dyed our hair beforehand. We used blue Bingo Dabber (you know, the little "pens" you use to mark your bingo cards?). Then it rained. By the end of the day, the lot of us looked like Smurfs. It was three days before the dye washed off our faces, and it never came out of some of our clothes.
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I did green highlights before, but that's about as crazy as I've been.

Right now I'm trying to get rid of the red and go back to my natural color (dark ash blonde). It's weird now cause I still have red hints in my hair, with ash tones and since I was in the sun all weekend I have BLONDE parts.
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I have longish thick strawberry blonde hair. Never try putting blue in thick, strawberry blonde hair. It just doesn't work. Oh man it was funny, it was a patchy horrible pale bluey green...

Then once I tried to go red (not RED red, a nice red), and pack was not enough for my thick hair and it looked horrible and patchy. So I went to the store and put another pack in, and turned it BRIGHT red. Oh man it was funny. I got to work and everyone was rolling around laughing.

I went to the hairdresser that afternoon and spent over $100 turning it back to a semi-normal shade.

I cut it really short and bleached it for a while, and I look back now and wonder why - it looked horrible....
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
My mom accidently dyed mine HOT PINK when I was about 16
I PURPOSELY had the top layer of my hair dyed hot pink and the bottom half bleach blonde! I was probably about 16 then too, but I wanted it that color! LOL!
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Interesting stories!!!

I used some temp dye to dye my hair black, but it turned out dark purple. It was way too dark for my skin tone. I'm pretty pale. I didn't like the gothic look. My sister has the same skin tone as me, but has dark brown/ black hair naturally. She dies her hair medium shade of red, and she looks better that way! She hated being called Casper.....

The mohawk stories remind me of when my cousin showed up to my high school graduation with a bright green mohawk!!! I was mortified as I lived in a small town (surrounded by closeminded people). Luckily no one knew who he was or that he was related to me.
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