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I just need to vent, I guess........

I only get paid $10.00 an hour at the job I am at now. When I was let go from my last job, w/ shift differential I was @ $16.00/hr! So, right there, I have taken a HUGE pay cut. Yes, we paid off two bills, that saves us about $150 a month, but we had to hire a lawyer, and had to take a loan out, which equals to be $125. a month, so in a sense, we are not really saving.
Now, it has come to the point where we are living pay check to pay check & are barely making the bills on time I hate being in this situation. And, its not like I can just up and quit my job, either. I have been at the place now for close to 3 months (well, next week will be), thru the temp agency. I was talking w/hubby & he says I should email or call the agency to find out when I am going to go permanent & find out if they know how much the company will pay. From what I have heard, its not a very high paying job. So, I figure between $10.. $ 11.00/hr, which will still not cut it. I have been looking for other jobs, but just have not seen any. We have been cutting back on using the ATM for the last 2 weeks, which helps out a little. We use the Foreman grill every day, but I can only take so much of eating dinners @ home. I just want out of this damned mess.
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I'm right there with ya. I quit a good job and gave up a promising future when I was 25 so I could get a college degree. Now I'm almost done and the job market for what I'm in is horrible. I've been on 3 interviews and each one has told me to come back when I have some experience. I kinda thought a $20,000 piece of paper and 5 year setback of my life would have a good outcome.
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I know just how you guys feel!!! I don't have any really good advice, either...I wish I did.
We are just making ends meet as well. Hubby's job pays really well, but since he has to pay such a huge amount of child support, that makes it seem like nothing. And my job...well the pay stinks...I don't make anymore than you do, Tigger and I have been there 13 years.
It wasn't so bad till we had the baby, but now with all the extra costs...diapers, formula, etc not to mention daycare and insurance on her...it is really taking a big bite out of our money.
Maybe things will start looking up for all of us...we can only hope.
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I tried to trade my car in today for a 2003 Lancer, and they told me that I owe too much on the Elipse, which pisses me off even more now. And, those cars do not hold their value. I owe $27000.00 on it, so now we are pretty much screwed big time, unless I try to sell it for maybe $23 or $24k, atlease I;d be out by a few thousand.
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Ack guys, I'm right there with you too.... hubby is self employed so we get a different amount of money every month, we never know quite where we are or if theres going to be enough money in the bank in time for the mortgage to go out We're just scraping by, but I mean scraping!! Four days after pay day this month I was at my overdraught limit... sigh... one day... when one of us wins the lottery... we'll share it out between us!!
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I guess a lot of us are in the same leaky boat! My s/o makes good money during most of the year, but he is so bad at managing it, we struggle through the slow months, and end up in debt. I am trying to find any kind of job I can, but military wives get first choice of everything around here. As soon as I get my NC driver's license, I am going to have to resort to driving a cab. My current job has been so slow, I made $30 this week. There is someone else that can do my job now, so I have to compete with him. He doesn't need the little bit of money he's taking from me, but he is such a big headed jerk, he doesn't care. The girl I work for doesn't care as long as she gets her money. I was not allowed to apply at Spencer's because they sell body jewelry, and she considers them competition. I wish we had never come back here!
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krazy kat2, apply at spencer's anyway. If your boss doesn't care that this jerk co-worker is taking your money when he doesn't need it, then go somewhere else, Spencer's will probably pay you more anyway. You just inquire about how much they're making and say that you're interested -if they pay you more than what you're making now. You've already got the experience from one of their competitors, so it's all good to them. Good luck in your searches anyway.
I was not allowed to apply at Spencer's because they sell body jewelry, and she considers them competition.
Hahahahahahahaha I think that's funny. She should be begging you not to go somewhere else, hey, THAT could work to your advantage as well. Tell her you've got a job opportunity elsewhere that pays you more and you need to take it, so unless she has something better to offer, you're going to take it. See what she does.
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I was at a job that was for the "paycheck only" so that I could pay off my tuition since I am back in school. We bought a house this past summer and low and behold a perfect job opened up down the street! Who could want anything more!

So I up and quite my job (was there 2 years) and took on the new job. Skip ahead two weeks, and now I am without a job! I quit because I couldn't handle my boss. She thought there shouldn't be any learning curve and was very frustrated. She was treating me like a 5 year old and for the record, she needs to put together a training plan. This woman has never needed to train anyone ( I was the first from outside the field).

So here I am with a BA in Environmental Management, a second certificate half finished, and a house with a fairly large mortgage!


I'll be hitting the temp agencies next week. Oh, how I loathe the temp pools!

I wish everyone positive income and employment vibes. It has to get better than this.
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I'm in the same boat as everyone else on this thread. I have a decent paying job, for what I do. I can't complain being a receptionist and making $13.25/hour. Obviously, I do more than just answer the phones, but still it is a good amount for a position like this. My problem is that hubby isn't working STILL. He is finally putting out applications and even went to a job fair this morning, and still thinks we are going to be able to have Christmas. We have barely been covering bills for the last year, and the past couple months have only been making ends meet with his selling some collectibles on Ebay. At least he is doing something.

Really sad thing is that when we actually did have some extra money, his computer blew up. I wouldn't have spent the hundreds on getting it all fixed except that he produces a radio show and builds websites on the side. The show is supposed to go into syndication in the next couple weeks, which means real money coming in. So we HAD to get it fixed instead of paying off bills like I had hoped.

It is a rough time for many people right now. It will get better for everyone here, eventually.
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I understand all of you very well.
It's hard to deal with the paycheck to paycheck thing. together we make 22$ an hour(or close to that) and it seems like recently we are not getting anything paid no matter how hard we try. and the more things I DO pay the more bills I seem to not pay, make any sense???
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Yes, it makes perfect sense to me ... Thats what it seems like to us, too I told hubby I feel like I am 100% to blame. Had I not been laid off NONE of this would have happened.
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You shush you mouth! you had nothing to do with it. You couldn't stand to be at work and he knows that. It's better now for the both of you that you aren't there. You'll find something that pays you more soon, keep your chin up!
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Hear Hear! I can't ever seem to get a break. I finally found a job I liked, just before Mike's job was supposed to end... His ends, and a week later, I lose my job. Now we're both unemployed, and we're not sure if I can get unemployment or not. If I don't get a check this week, I don't get Boo ;(
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I know what ya mean! I make $6.50 an hr. I work full time and I get $100 bonus at the end of each week. I work 72 hrs a week but my boss can't afford the overtime so I only get paid for 40 hrs. However I do get fringe benefits! He took me to the Bahamas, Paradise Island, at the Atlantis Resort (I paid for the ticket but he paid everything else). Every January I get to go to L.A. and we party on Sunset Strip. That's my Christmas present. He buys me lunch and sometimes takes me out for a lobster dinner when he can. I definitely deserve a raise though. My boyfriend also works with the same company. He makes alot more than I do but it's commision based so I never know how much he'll bring home. Some weeks it's $300 or $700.
I can't wait till he gets into management because he'll make $3000. a week or more. Do you guys ever see peddlers that come into businesses and sell all kinds of products like Disney and warner Bros. ect? It's a really cool job and you can make alot of money. It's more of an opportunity than a job. You are actually learning to run your own bussiness. If you can show that your responcible and you can train people they give you your own location any where you want (assuming that city is open). I know people that have been promoted. I've seen the kind of money you can make. It's not a pyramid scam either. The companies world wide in almost every country. It's one of the largest direct marketing companies in the world. I really do love my job I just need to make more money!
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