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Scented Oils?

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Ok, alot of you know I'm an air freshener freak
Today at the flea market I bought an oil burner. You put a tealight candle in the bottom and the scented wax tarts in the top and they turn to oil.
I have the Chocolate Chip Cookie in right now and
SOOO much more fragrant and lasting then my ScentStories or plug ins!
I'm impressed!

Does anyone have these? I know they're not new but I've never tried it before.
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I have a few. I actually use to make candles so I made a few tea light ones as well. I love french vanilla so that's what I mostly made.
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Yup I do. I make em actually and have over 100 fragrances in my house right now, LOL

And just ordered more *whistles* testing new scents..cant help myself.

Tarts are great
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Yup, I love them. Though for some reason I never think to burn them, so I have about a million but rarely use them.
I totally got into these many years ago when I worked at Hallmark. There are so many scents to choose from AND they last a long time and really scent the room.
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Im not big on the sweet ones like choc, vanilla, musk etc but ive had the sandalwood ones. I changed from my candle powered to electric oil burner so its easier to clean. I stick to perfume and essential oils now instead of the gels and waxes, i just think where i am theres a bigger tange to use.

Im up to about 100+ bottles now!!!
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I have one i got from dollar tree I love it! I just put a simple tea light in the bottom and a really YUMMY tart up top and it scents the whole room! LOVE it! (yankee candle has awesome tarts!!!)
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My mom uses them...I just know that she had a cinnamon one on Easter when I went home and boy, did it do its job!
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Yes i have them - I love honeysuckle and vanilla...sends a nice aroma thoughout the house.
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