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Honest, Daddy

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"....everything was already off the shelf when we got here.....besides, YOU left the door open......"

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Oh they just wanted to have some fun daddy.
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Hobo looks like he's thinking: What? I didn't do anything wrong!
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Hobo might be my new favourite cat. First that adorable story about why he's called Hobo, and now this picture of him!! I mean, look at that face!
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Hobo always has the guiltiest look on his face. Of course nothing beats the one where he is hanging on the curtain.
post #8 of 14 the little one trying to hiding beside the containers. And poor Hobo...he looks so innocent down there, hehe
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Ha-ha! He got that guilty look.
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I think Hobo would look guilty even if he wasn't doing anything wrong.
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Sneaky 'lil boogers!!

They are both so precious.
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little sneaks

But they are just too cute to punish! They are just such cuties
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nope, not guilty, Hobo is completely innocent!

That sweet little face.....
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Hobo just can't seem to leave behind his old lifestyle, can he? What an adorable pair of cuties!
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