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BUSTED! Sofia gets caught terrorizing the budgies...

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Well, I know I started a thread a month or so ago about finding a new home for my budgies. That ended up not working out, but someone else is coming over today to look at them. I hope they back out! Don't tell my husband. He gets super annoyed with their chattering and he wants to find another home and he thinks it will save us money (a whopping $60/month!). I will miss them.

Anyway, down to business... the cuteness!

Look at her face... I think she's guilty!

Tobie doesn't usually bother the budgies...
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Yeah! Like Chynna dont mess with them. Silly girl likes to climb on top and sleep on their cage. She has been know to stick her feet into the cage to try and catch them. Which cause a lot of squawking on there part. The birds we have are cockatiels and they can get LOUD.
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LOL! Tinker and Princess are like that too! I love your cage! I would love to take them, but I live far away from you.
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I think she is guilty as charged...
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Hahahaha love the look on her face!!!! She definitely knows she's been busted! So cute

And I agree with your husband - I couldn't stand budgies in the house, they'd drive me nuts!
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that look is priceless. a couple years ago, i had a bird given to me and all of the pets (including the dog), would sit in front of the cage and watch its every move. i am surpised it didn't give the bird hourly heart attacks.
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hahaha. I love her expression. She's so busted.
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Well, she gets to play with them for another day (or more)... they backed out. This is the third person to do this, and all before we even meet them. Maybe we ask too many questions. I want them to have a home where they get as many veggies and as much attention as I give!

So neener neener neener DH!

Thanks for the comments.
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Hahaha! Your first cat looks so very guilty!
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Oh that's too much
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LOL totally busted, just look at their faces hilarious!!
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