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emergency room???

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my cat, baby boy, he's been acting really weird lately.. he's been like drooling out his mouth in excess amounts... and plus he acts like he's sick.

the thing is-- the emergency room- which is 45 minutes away-- will cost us $100 plus medicine.. or i can wait till monday and have it cost considerably cheaper and have him taken care of.

i dont know whether or not it's serious. if i wait-- would he die?? i don't know what to do

also, he has this weird odor about him.. this just came about this past day.

what should i do??
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If you are that concerned, I would take him ASAP if you have the means to provide for him at the e-vet. How is he acting like he's sick? What is his behavior? My cat drools all the time. That could be considered normal IF they have done it before. Is he foaming as he's drooling or is it just drool? Also, called the e-vet and see what they think! They may be able to give you a better idea of if it can wait or not. Can you describe the odor?
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he just acts the complete opposite of what he usually does.. he acts like he's sick... usually he's in a pretty good mood, but today he's all--- sad and tired

we did call, but they only gave us prices, so i decided to come on here and ask

the smell is really sickly.. it's disgusting..

and also, he never drools.. it's really a lot. and no foam, btw.
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Call the ER and describe his symptoms to them. They might ask questions that you didn't think to observe in him. Make a decision after that.
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I think $100 plus meds sounds very reasonable for an ER vet. I know it's a lot of money, but given what you said, I would take him in.

Excessive drooling...could be a dental problem, could be poison, could be a foreign object in his mouth, could be an ulcer in his mouth...could be a lot of things, but EXCESSIVE drooling is not normal.

The strange smell concerns me. I would not wait.
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If he smells sickly...that really concerns me. Keep monitoring him. Make sure he drinks water, if not, get a syringe and squirt it down his mouth. Do NOT allow him get get dehydrated!!
If he becomes motionless and stays in one spot for need to take him! Did you check his mouth for any ulcers or wounds? That could be one reason he is drooling.
You said this just happened. Did you do anything out of the ordinary...spray chemicals, poisons, cleaners, anything different that he could have gotten into???

P.S. $100 plus for meds is standard for an e-vet. Our also charges that much. I would not wait till monday. He sounds like he needs immediate help.
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i live on a farm.. and they may have sprayed-- but i'm not sure.

he's an outdoor cat

i think he may have some sort of mouth problem.. like an infection. it looks like it. and also-- his cheek is kind of swollen. we had another outdoor cat that had like that swollen cheek, and it was full of pus, and we took him to the vet--- so maybe baby boy is having the same problem?

i'm taking him to the vet anyway tonight-- thanks a lot

i wasn't sure if i was overreacting or not
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If it were me I would not wait until Monday.
I'd take him right now.
My first thought when I read your post was that maybe he's eaten something toxic.
Do you have any house plants that he may have been eating?
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I would NOT wait. Our kitty got a cut on her tounge once. It was abcessed and infected. We were too late getting her to the vet. The vet could not save her tounge, and we had to put her down. If we had gotten her to a vet sooner, maybe he could have saved her tounge. Please get your baby to a vet ASAP!!
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Please keep us posted when you can.
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i'm sorry i haven't told what happened... he had mouth and throat cancer.... i miss him so much.

thanks for helping me out
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I'm sorry
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Oh no, I'm so very sorry.
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How sad but he is free from pain now. Thank you for coming back to let us know. He'll be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
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