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I just had the best

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Laugh I have had in a LONG TIME, My Middle Daughter went and had her Eyebrows Tattooed on, and she called and said it friggen hurt and there huge She said there swollen, I said whats huge the swelling or the eyebrows She just said Yeah, My Youngest Daughter is an Esthetician and the Gal she works for does Tattooing and various other things. So I told her PLEASE send me a Picture I need a laugh really I do And its not cheap at all I dont think I would want to do it for over $400, The things they will do
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the things we women do for beauty. I spent two evenings and one afternoon last week is absolute agony as I had my teeth laser whitened for our wedding and it REALLY HURT!!!
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Lois...NICE, laugh at your Daughter's expense
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Let me see if I have this correct... she tattooed her eyebrows on? Is her hair black? If not, do they match her hair color? That just seems so painful and strange to me.

I would love to see a picture!
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You really must share the pic with us!! I could sure use a laugh today!
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PICTURES!!!! I have got to see that Geesh, if she wanted her eyebrows to show up that bad, i'd be happy to send her part of mine lol...i need to wax them!
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WOW that would be a sight
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Wow! I have heard of people getting eye liner and lip liner tattoo'd on but not the eyebrows. Does this mean she will keep her actual eyebrows plucked or waxed completely or does this just fill in bare spots?

I'd like to see a picture after the swelling goes down.
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Oh yeah there's a lot of people who tatoo there eyebrows on, no more pencil or whatever, I have known several people who have had it done... But what can say this is California
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It's a big thing around here too. Can't say that I think I'd do it though. I had my lipliner tattooed several years ago. It hurt like stink, but I thought it looked nice. She contoured my upper lip to not look as thin as it really is, so I rather liked the effect. Unfortunately, it's faded and needs to be re-done. Can't see spending all that money again though. Oh well, live and learn!
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I've seen the tattoed eyebrow thing before. It doesn't look as bad as it sounds. My aunt had it done, and hers look very natural.
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pictures pictures pictures!!
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Wow...that sounds like...torture!!!!!!!!!!

Leave it to Lois to laugh at the situation!!!!!!!!
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Pictures please! That is funny! How old is your daughter?
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OH my Lois!! I would laugh too I think!

That sounds like it hurts!
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Oh ouch! I don't think so! Yikes! Please, share a pic!
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Oh, did I mention that we need pics??

I seriously have never heard of tattooing eyebrows though....
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Yes it does sound painful...ah well beauty is pain lol

Isnt it evil and sadistic how mum is laughing about this and everyone is asking for pics? lol

ps - PICS please!
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Unless someone has no eyebrows, why have them tattooed on? Don't they grow naturally? I'm just confused . Wouldn't that be like tattooing armpit hair?

I definitely want to see pictures!!
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