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We have kittens under the bed- advice please quickly

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I went to sleep for a few hours this afternoon and the cat was under my childrens bed purring away. I left her,I didn't think anything was happening.

4 hours later my BF went to check on her but the bed is so dark he could only see her licking and biting her vulva area. He didn't see any kittens but he did hear kitten noises

If I heard noises I assume she has broke the waters right? I was worried she wouldn't. I really want to check on her and the kittens but I am afraid to disturb her.

It is my boys bed time and I don't want to put them in to bed until the kittens are moved because my children (I have 4) are noisy and she is a nervous cat.

Please advise me on when I should move her. Should I do it now? give her a few hours? wait until she comes down?
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She hasn't had the kittens? It would be best if you could get her into a dog crate, or even into a room that you could confine her in in case you need to help her during delivery. I must admit that I tried to help mine in the middle of delivery to move, and it didn't work too well. I had to wait until the next day, but I could get to her and such because she had 2 really close together and didn't get one cleaned off and I had to do it.
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Two dead kittens and three live ones.

I am concerned about one of the live ones so I have no choice but to move her.
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If you move her to a suitably quiet place, she probably won't move them. I'm sorry about the dead babies.
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They are moved. The two that died were perfectly formed but they were still in their sacs. I assume that she got nervous and didn't break them in time or she knew that they were dead and didn't bother.

The three live ones look well,they are suckling while mummy is cleaning up. I would not be suprised if she has another one in there. I will give her a few hours on her own then take another look.

I will take pictures tomorrow
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If she ate the placentas she won't be too hungry for a while, but make sure she has kitten food, water, and maybe a special treat (I gave Elsa some turkey) when she wants some.
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Is your cat a first-time momma? If so, it very well may be that she panicked, and didn't break the sacs open in time to get them breathing...how unfortunate. What seems to be the trouble with one of the other kittens? Anything we could help with?

Congrats, sounds like everyone else is nursing, and getting by just fine...let us know if you need anything!
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Glad she has been moved. If she's been moved somewhere quiet and peaceful, its most likely she'll settle and keep her kittens there.

So sorry about the 2 that didnt make it. Mum cat was probably so tired, weak and preoccupied with the others to finish the job.

Congratulations on the 3 that made it Look forward to seeing pics.

I'd keep a close eye on her from afar, if you can. If she has any others in there, she might need your help if she's tired/weak..e.g. with breaking the sacs and dealing with the placenta cord.
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The one who I thought wasn't doing well was not crying,he was quite weak looking. I just went up there now and took a look at him and he is now crying. He had troubles latching on,I think some of her nipples do not have milk in because kitten kept coming off. I got him latched on after a few attempts and he seems happy enough. I think I may just be nervous because I lost three kittens in the past.

She is a first time mum and she is very young,I thought we would need to help her out a lot more than what we did. She cleared up everything perfectly and we are very proud :0

She wanted company and jumped up for a cuddle as soon as we opened the door. BF has took a nap and decided to do it in her room,she is very happy for the company.
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