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Suggestions...Growing cat grass..

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Ok the other day I bought some "Sweet Cat Grass". So I have been gremanating it for a day or 2 now. I just checked it and the is some spruting going on in that tub. I am gonna leave it there for one more day then move to a sunny location like the package said. But there is one issue. I have not one window here that has a lot or really any bright sunlight that comes through my windows. Should I put it in from of a window where there is some sunlight but not bright sunlight or should I move it to the front porch when the kids are not home (or outside) and then bring in when they come home or go outside. Anyone have any suggestions or an idea?
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My window doesn't get direct sunlight either. But it's enough for it to grow. I think it will be alright in the window.
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I grow it in pots outside and inside with a little light, but the inside ones dont get much of a chance to grow because they eat it as soon as it sprouts.
When the big long planters look about right I bring it and let them have it, there is 8 of them so it doesn't take long for a mowing job, then I put it back out and let it grow again, after awhile I just clean out the pot and put fresh seeds in, they dont take long to sprout either. They love it so I have 5 or 6 big pots going for them.
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