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Concerns re. my MaineCoons

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Hello, I have 2 MaineCoons (litter-mates)male & female, neutered/speyed,diet is Hills Feline Senior. They're 12 1/2yrs old, and I have concerns over the male cat. He usually vomits during the night/early morning, but it's changed in colour. It's an orangey/mustard colour, often with a few 'nuggets' of the food(Hills)in it. I'm convinced it's not hairballs, as there isn't any hair matter in the vomit. He seems in good health, plays, eats, walks around the garden etc. He does have 'off days', but then don't we all! He has lost weight over the past year, but when I pointed this out to my Veterinary he fully examined him and said it's because he's getting older. Sorry to post such a long message. I'm not overly worried about Tuffy because he's not laying around 'ill', but I would greatly value your thoughts.
Thank you,
Ange in w.London UK
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Hi Ange-

Because your kitty is getting older there are somethings your vet can check for. When you said complete exam did they do blood work and x-rays? Of did your vet not think this was necessary?

You can elevate your kitty's bowl just a few inches off the floor, that might help the vomiting issue. I would also break up the kibble into smaller pieces and make sure fresh water is right nearby. Those are my suggestions, I know others will chime in soon with theirs.
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Hi Hissy, thanks for this. I've just elevated the food bowl, it was suggested on another cat site I posted the query to. They have water at ALL TIMES, as is necessary with the 'hard' food. Yeah, my Vet did a COMPLETE health profile in April this year, and all was OK. AS I said, he's fine other than this blasted vomiting! If I don't 'step' in it each morning, then I'm carefully looking around to locate it as it's almost certainly there somewhere!! His sister is fine, in fact she's put on weight somewhat as she's got older - just looks like a cumfy cushion (as ladies of a 'certain age' sometimes do...) and has no health probs at all.

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It's also possible that the food doesn't agree with him anymore. Have you always fed science diet? If so, you might want to try the Science Diet sensitive stomach formula. It may be that he's having a hard time breaking down some of the ingredients.
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Hi Sandie, both cats are on Hills Feline Senior - been on that for about 18 months now. Do they do a senior/sensitive stomach food?
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If I am not mistaken, the only products available for senior cats is the original and the hairball. Although the senior has a few things extra and less, I would still give it a try. The vomiting should be addressed before the kind of food.
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Ange - he's not been nibbling on anything else in the house like plants or carpet or anything else that might upset his tum?

Is he gobbling his food too quickly and throwing up as a result?

How often does he throw up?
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If kitty continues to throw up, I would seek out another vet if it were me. April was a bit ago and something could be happening right now internally or? It is just hard to say. But vomiting a lot with cats is always something to be concerned about, especially as they grow older. Good luck!
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