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Do your cats *jump* to you?? :)

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Chloe does this and its sooo cute!! She actually leaps to my arms like a dog would. I looove it!! I have never seen a cat do this. And she is just the biggest lover ever!! Its like she is excited to see me.....
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My Muddy used to do this a lot but now only stands on his hind legs and reaches his arms up to me. He was orphaned at 10 days old, bottle fed and is not a normal cat.

The worst time I was walking around eating a sandwich and he leaped up into my arms. I had to drop the sandwich to grab him or he would have fallen. He always assumes that you will catch him. What's a few cat hairs on a sandwich anyway?!?
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hah, that's too cute : )
Marishka does the sideways walk: "Oh, are we going in here? Here? Here? Yay! Let's hang out in the kitchen! Yay" She's a bit excitable. Every move into another room is an adventure...heh.
Actually, when my mom got her jack russel terrier, my BIL wanted her to jump into his arms like that when he came was funny to watch him trying to train her to do that.
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YUP!... and do it sometimes when we are on the Hammock!,,...
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yup stoli does this - in fact just yesterday i had JUST gotten out of the shower and stoli wanted to be held....even though i was sopping wet.
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If I'm sitting he will jump to me. If I'm standing he will put his paws up on my leg and give me a very pathetic meow.
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Chynna would if she could. She's too old and too fat to do much leaping these days so she stands next to me letting me know by meowing and tapping me on the leg that she wants to be picked up. If she could jump up on me I think I'd be in trouble because she wants to be held almost 24/7.

Abby leaps up on me, but only when she's using me as a step ladder to get onto my computer desk. It's not like she can't jump up there by herself because she does jump to higher surfaces, and she even jumps down from the desk, but for some reason she has to use me as a stair to get onto the desk top.
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Kitties are too funny Smudge would if she could jump that high... Poor little Smudgie can only jump about "buttock" high - I wouldn't even say waist high. she went through a stage of constantly leaping onto the top of my leg/backside, then climbing from there onto my shoulder, so I started trying to train her to jump straight into my arms, but she just can't jump that high Poor little baby

So I stopped doing that since I was just getting claw marks from the top of my legs upto my shoulder. Now she just reaches up my jeans as high as she can to let me know she wants a cuddle, or she wants up to see what we're doing.
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The only times Nikita has jumped on me she was "hunting" me and really freaked me out.

It's not fun to be minding your own business sitting on your bed brushing your hair before going to sleep and then BAM! out of nowhere a cat attached to your shoulder and lower back (I got scratches from all her 4 feet then, shoulder and upper arm from the front legs and lower back from her hindlegs). She's not done that often though fortunately and not since she grew out of most of the kitten madness.

I'm not sure I'd want her to jump on my in a friendly way either, she's a solid 13 pounds of muscle now and launches herself at things with quite a lot of force.
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Wellington does, he will jump from a chair or the table - even once, from the floor, up your front or even onto a shoulder or back. As he weighs over 16 pounds, you want to know about it before he does it! If he can he will jump with his front paws around your neck and then climb around you so that he is on both shoulders. He will do it to people he hardly knows, which some find cute, others scream or fall over.
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I wish she would, but Tab would never do a thing like that , she's such a little chicken! But I still love her to pieces even though she doesn't jump into my arms...

one thing she does do though is roll upside and look at me as if to say ''go on, tickle my belly!''
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Melchett is a bit old for too much jumping around, and Ben..........well, Ben is a little too 'plump' to reach, but Max is a super jumer and leaps up at me every morning - it is lovely - he is so pleased to see me!!! (okay, he just wants feeding, really, but I can kid myself!!!)
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Ohh... Diesel does it all of the time! Imagine 15 lbs of kitty launching himself into your arms from across the room That boy can JUMP!!
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