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Reilly's New Hat

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He's not very happy with the new hat that Jeff made for him

I think this picture belongs in the "If looks could kill" file Don't worry we only kept it on long enough to take the picture.

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Oh poor Reilly
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I hope Reilly is not revengeful!
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I hope Reilly is not revengeful!
Cute hat, Reilly!
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You can hear Reilly now, "Get this thing off my head before your arm gets what for!!"
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Poor Reilly! SO humiliating!!! Bad Meowmy!!! Do not humiliate the handsome gentlemen!!!
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LOL! He doesn't look happy!
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No he doesn't look happy in that silly hat does he?
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"You'll get yours, Dad! " Poor Reilly!
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Ripley the Torti Goddess says:

"Dang!!!! He's just as fine wearing a turban as he is in all of the rest of the pictures!!! *sigh*"

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my cat has given me that same look countless times. it is so cute.
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Poor Reilly!! Don't worry big boy, you look great in everything!
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How cute!!! Too bad reilly doesn't like it.
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Oh goodness Riley you look really cute in that turban it fits real good to ...How cute
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He definitely does not look pleased!

What a cutie.
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Jeff is going to be suffering while you are away, Tracy!
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Haha Poor Reilly! How can mommy do that!
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