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Skin problems with my cat DJ

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Hi i joined this forum to see if anyone can help me out. My cat DJ is a great cat he`s about 6 now but in the last year he has developed a very nasty skin complaint on his belly. I can only describe the complaint as reddened hightened postules, they are situated on his hind quarters. The vet has tried everything to help him out, different medicated gels - diets etc but nothing seems to work. He`s quite a happy little chap but this is really getting him down, he licks it continually which causes more problems. Because this has only happened in the last year i think he`s become allergic to something but i just don`t know what. I`ve put a picture up on Flickr but i`m not sure how you guys can access it - perhaps someone can tell me how you do that. I`ve read so many posts on this forum and it`s obvious your all very caring and sympathetic to your cats, so i`m hoping someone can spread some light.

Many thanks

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Hello and welcome.

What diets have you tried...and for how long?

Has the vet presented the idea that DJ could be allergic to his kitty litter (sand)?

Maybe the easiest way to show us the pics is to go to flicker and look at the pic...then copy the address that is in the bar at the top of your browser. Paste it in your post.

A lot of members here use www.photobucket.com for pics. It's free. You can upload your pics there. After you've uploaded, under the pic there will be some code. Copy the code that starts with [IMG] and paste that in your post. That's the other easy way. It will show the pic directly in your post.
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Hi thanks for the greetz

Dj doesn`t have a litter tray he goes outside, the vet did put him ona very expensive diet mix by hills - which did work for a while, but now he has lapsed again. This is the link http://www.flickr.com/photos/flamboyant/467007112/ for the picture - let me know what you think.


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I would seek a second vet opinion...
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That looks painful...poor DJ. I agree with Sharky, I would talk to another vet.

I'm not sure what it could be.
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Have they done skin scrapes or biopsies? That looks beyond a food allergy.

Poor DJ!!
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Yea he`s had 2nd opinions the first said it was an allergy to fleas, i think it is diet based because when he was on a speciaol diet - his skin inproved - i think myu parents then relaxed on the food - and it came back, Trouble is treating the symptoms are ok, but i want to erradicate them. The vet suggested he wears one of those funnel/collar things, but he`s so miserable when he wears it.

Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again

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Based on what you said, I think DJ should go back on his special diet...or did I misunderstand, is he back on it now?
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That looks like it maybe more then just an allergy. I dont know what kind of vet services they have in the UK but if you can, I would consider seeing a dermatologist. You may also want to think about allergy testing.

Here are some links about Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex
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Hi just want to thank everyone regarding their advice for my moggy DJ. We have decided the best course of action is put him back on his medicated diet, meaning no treats, but he can have chicken. I`m gonna see how he goes for the next month. I will post photos if things start to inprove, which i`m sure they will.

Again many thanks

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