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'Poppy's Story

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Hi, we are newbies on here and we'd like to share our recent experience.

'Poppy' or ' Pippety Pops' ,as i often call her, is a cute little black and white moggy we bought when she was around 6 weeks old form a local pet shop.
We have now had 'Pops' for 10 months and she's a tiny cat, maybe the runt of the litter.
She was innoculated, spayed and then allowed out to play with our other kitten 'Lilly' in the back garden.
It soon became apparent that 'Pops' was going to be a villain and she immediately took off up the nearest tree where she stayed for many many heart pounding minutes.
'Lilly' is quite content to 'box' flies as they pass, we see a blurr as a white paw lashes out at regular intervals, almost shadow boxing.

Months pass by and we are ready to leave the cats out for hours at a time in the knowledge that they now know where home, food and water are.

Saturday 14th 2007 is when it all went horribly wrong.
'Poppy' was playing in the garden and suddenly we were aware that she'd run off and sat under a bush in the garden, she stayed there for hours. We then took her inside and she refused food and water, became lethargic and dopey.
I thought she'd got a furr ball and was feeling unwell. The next day she deteriorated quite alarmingly and so i took her to an emergency out of hours vets where she was given 3 injections and sent home.
The next morning she was barely moving and so i took her to my usual Vets 'MARPLE VETINARY CENTRE' where she was quickly diagnosed with 'Kidney Failure'.
We admitted 'Poppy' to the surgery and went up at night to see her (now Monday), she looked a bit more perky but she was on a drip, still not eating and was emaciated around the rear.
Tuesday morning turned to horror...... I phoned the vets to check on her and was met with some sad news, 'Poppy' had taken a bad turn in the night and the toxins had gone to her brain causing her to fit badly. The vet suggested that we had done everything we possibly could to save her but unfortunately we were unable
I was absolutely devastated at this and suggested they keep her alive until myself and my partner could attend as i wanted to hold her whilst they put her to sleep.
We arrived at the vets for 3pm on Tuesday discussing where to bury her only to walk into the rear of the surgery and see 'POPPY' sat at the front of the cage meowing at me again at the sight.
How on earth am i supposed to authorise a lethal injection into 'Poppy' after seeing her fighting like this
The decission was given that regardless of cost we were to do everything possible to save her.

Friday 20th April 'Poppy' came home, she is eating, drinking and there is little sign of any permanent brain damage as yet.

I would like to say to people PLEASE don't give up on your pets.. If you don't like what the vet says then get a second opinion.

ALL the staff at 'Marple Vetinary Centre' were 1st class with us, we mithered them, phoned, called in twice a day and bombarded them with questions and it was no trouble for them.
Clearly we don't know long term what 'Poppy's condition will be like but time will tell.

Thank you.




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Oh god poor little baby. I know it's an extremely hard choice to make. I hope that she recovers and whatever damage is very minimal. My heart breaks when i hear stories like yours she looks like a beautiful little thing
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What a wonderful story of a cat who wouldn't give up and her owners who wouldn't either Bless her heart, she was meant to be here with you all. Give her big kisses and hugs from me and my babies Welcome to TCS
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For you and Poppy, I hope she makes a complete recovery. Do keep us up to date on how she is doing.
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Many many HUGS to you and Poppy!! I am sending mega vibes that she recovers quickly!!
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Poppy is such a pretty little girl! I just want to snuggle her right up! And bless your hearts for not giving up on her. I'm showering Poppy with healing light and love from across the pond...
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Sadly we lost 'Poppy' between 02:30 and 06:00 on Sunday morning.

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oh no!!!!! i'm so sorry! i don't know what to say. i hope you and your family heal and that Poppy is in a better place with no pain
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Sorry to hear of Poppy's passing. By now I'm sure you believe its for the best as she must have been suffering.
Puddles is a real cutie, he'll help you through.
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