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stimulating bottle babies to "do their duties"

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Hi guys! Finding myself with more babies. This time though only 2 (from 2 separate litters) and one is only 2 weeks old. She was in really tough shape and was left behind by her mother which as most of you know isn't a good sign. Right now it's a plump little thing and it is eating I'm very happy to say. Her eyes don't look 100% great just yet, but the third eyelid is subsiding and they are clearing up so we may be on the upturn.
Question I have is about stimulating her little behind. I know this is usually a job mom does and it needs to be done, but I'm not sure what to do. I think you're suppose to stimulate them after they eat right? Just wondering what those of you who have had bottle babies do.
Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Hi, There are some great links at the top of this forum for caring for your little babies.

I used a little damp cotton wool ball and about 20 mins after they fed i would gently rub on their little bottom's with a kinda downward stroking motion. These babies wern't bottle babies but as they had started to poop and not use the litter tray i would hold them over on in the tray and stimulate them to go in the right place. Momma didnt seem too bothered about teaching them the propper place to do it...She was great at everything else though.

Hope this helps a little. Im sure more advice is on the way.

Its great of you to look after these babies, It would be lovely too if we could see pics of the cute little furr balls!

Emma x x
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i have only had 1 bottle baby from birth and 2 babys from about 4 weeks old who still needed stimulating and bottle fed as they was not weened yet.
i used to sryinge feed them all as i could never get them to take to the bottle , but i used to stimulate them about 5 mins after feeding its a little different when there about 4 weeks old like the above posted said its normally about 20 mins after feeding and when waking. but for a 2 week old kitten about 5 mins after each feed, they wont poop after every feed sometimes once a day but they do tend to pee after most feedings.
i used a cotton wool ball diped into warm boiled water (just so it was a bit steril) and wiped from front to back sometimes with bottle babys they can get a bit consterpaited (cant spell it sorry) and they can have trouble going , i dont remember what it is called but there is something you can add to the milk if this happens , maybe someone will come along with what it is called in a little while.
hope everything goes well , keep us updated please.
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Basically, just rub their behinds. Most go with no problem. I sometimes just "man up" and use my finger and do it over the sink or I'll use TP or gauze. I use dry at first so I make sure they're going potty then I finish with damp to clean their little butts.

They won't poop after every feeding like someone else said, but should poop once a day.

I like to feed a little, pee them, give them a second go at the bottle and then pee again.

If I'm in a rush I pee them first, then feed. I figure no one wants to eat when they have to "go"
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I had 4 to feed and after they were done eating, I'd wipe them with either a cotton ball (when they were very small), then toilet paper when they were a little older and had more volume. I then gave them a bath with a warm damp rag from head to toe. This also can stimulate them to burp, which is a part that a lot of folks don't think about. After the bath, they were kept on towels until they were dry. You never want them to get chilled.
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I use a washcloth. I basically "pinch" their "kitty cheeks" together until they go. I wet the cloth with warm water, first.
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Ive only been around one bottle baby that the vet estimated to be 9 days old...we used q-tips dipped in very warm water and done a circular motion to get them to do their seemed to work very well
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For my really stubborn poopers , I would use the cotton ball, but also start a trickle of lukewarm water in the sink, and wipe (front to back) her bottom with the cotton ball, and let the water trickle over her hiney while I did the wiping. Usually did the trick . Sometimes gently massaging the tummy first helped, too.
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Thanks for all the advice guys!! I tried a bunch of your suggestions and still didn't get anything from her . We might have had a little "pee" in her cage though. So that's good. They are both back at the rescue now because I work during the week and wouldn't have been able to bottle feed them. The rescue told me she did get a "poop" out of the 2 week old (which is actually more like 3 weeks from what it looks like) right before I had taken her without any stimulation and we felt her belly and she seems fine now. She's going to keep a close eye on her and will take care of it if she needs too.
I am very happy to say though that the 3 week olds third eye has completely subsided now and she has bright eyes, she is very active and alert.
The other little one I had was in awful condition! He is about 6-7 weeks old from a litter of 8 and was nothing but bone. He was basically starving to death. When the kittens were rescued he was on his back, mouth open - doing the "postureing thing" (I think that's what they call it right before they pass ). We were pretty damn sure he wasn't going to make it. His eyes were stuck shut and he had no voice. We are thinking that is why he was starving so bad. Maybe couldn't find mom and couldn't call her either. Well, I am absolutely thrilled to say that he has done a 100% turn around just over the weekend. He has already put on a little bit of weight, his eyes are clearing up nicely and he is now a very active nutcase!! He's so energetic and playful. It was so awesome to see! He still insists on being bottle fed, but I know that will change with time and we'll get him to eat on his own.
Yeah!! two babies recovering nicely!!!
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That's great news! Glad he's improving so well!
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aw thats good news , thank you for the update.
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Oh well done.....It sounds like you gave these babies a great start.
Its lovely to hear they are all getting on well and slowly improving.
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