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Sad news

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Rang the rescue this eve to arrange going over to drop cheques off (thanks for those guys, they really will be put to good use), and we have had probs with the youngest litter of kittens we have in. One of them felt different last night, so the rescue lady was going to keep an eye on them, but went in this morning to find it dead - kitts are 3 weeks old. Mum seems to be struggling to feed them, so they are in the house being handreared, and she is in the cattery and we are trying to build her up - she is only about 8/9 months old herself, bless her. Fingers crossed with handrearing (and the dog helping out!!), the other 4 will all pull through, I shall take some pics tomorrow, this will then go on the story I had already written about letting cats have one litter for our website. RIP little one.
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fly high little one

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How sad...RIP little one..and good luck vibes for all the others.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP little one
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Aww, I'm sorry. RIP sweet little one.
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RIP little one

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Aww I'm so sorry

R.I.P. Little one I am praying that mum can cope and the remaining little ones
will be Ok.
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The poor baby

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Oh my, that is sad, and moma sounds like shes having a tough time too

RIP Little one, you'll have some special friends over the Bridge, have fun and lots of kitty adventures
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Thanks, mummy is managing a lot better now, but we have lost 3 out of an older litter, they were ready to go to new homes next weekend as well, they were vet checked, given jabs etc, but sadly wasn't enough. RIP little ones.
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Poor little baby....gone before you even started! Rest peacefully, honey, and play happily over the bridge!
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RIP Wee Sweetheart
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