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Im new...

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I went to work tonight with some food in my care for the very beautiful cat I have saw wondering around the parking lot...When I got off she was there again....after petting her for a few minutes I realized that she is very pregnant maybe a month if not less left to go...I couldnt leave her tonight so I have brought her home...I have no idea what to do I am going to keep her there is no question about her but I need all the advice I can get from now until birth....I do know quite a bit about animals I have 3 dogs and now 2 cats....I have bought her kitten food (purina) and have made her a birthing box....any and all advice is welcome....I cant take her to the vet until monday though. They are closed for the weekend
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Hi and welcome. Its a lovely thing you have done taking this momma cat in.

There is some brilliant advice in the threads at the top of the forum, Here is a link http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74659

Its probably a good idea to keep this cat away from your other cat until she can be checked over by a vet as you dont want her spreading anything should she not be in the best of health.

Another good tip is to put her on some good quality kitten food as this will help her too.

Do you have a room she can have all to herself for a little while. This will help her to settle and feel safe in your home. Also it will help after the birth as some cats like to move their kittens around if they dont feel secure, Confining her will help this.

The vet should be able to give you a general idea of when she may be due and estimate how many kittens she will be having but this is by no means an exact science.....These momma's like to keep us on our toes so are hard to read! LOL

Good luck and im sure someone else will be along soon to futher advise you.

Emma x x
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welcome to TCS and THANKYOU for bringing this momma cat into your home. Bless you!!

I personally cant give any advise but you most certainly have come to the right place. We have a wealth of knowledge here amoungst our members and you will get alot of support throughout the whole way.

Looking forward to following your journey. Whats her name?

And you should go over to the New Cats on the Block part of the forum and introduce you & your fur family to the rest of the forum
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Great advice given above... and so good of you to take the pregnant mum in.

When you go to the vet, he/she may mention worming to you. My vet wormed my cat late into pregnancy with a liquid called Panacur and said that it was important the cat is wormed so as to not pass any worms onto the babies. However, you cannot use just any wormer on pregnant cats. It has to be one thats suitable for pregnant cats. Id get the vets advice on this when you see him/her. I just mention this as its one of the random tips that came to mind, particularly in view that mum cat is most likely a stray.

Do we get to see pics of the new addition with her big tummy?
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