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This Boot was made for walking....

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And that's just what she'll do....

My little Bootie is braindamaged. It is a result of a virus her mother had while she was pregnant. Unfortunately, Bootie lost her other 5 siblings very early on in life, and as the smallest and weakest of the kittens, we didn't think she would make it. But, against all the odds, she did! We didn't think that she would walk.... but she did. It was discussed that perhaps she sould be euthanised. But she was fighting, and we fought in her corner too...

Now that she is living with me, she is walking and running and even jumping! (albeit badly) Oh yes and living the high life.

But I've noticed why it is that she wobbles so much when she walks and runs. It isn't that her balance is that bad... because that's what we thought it was... no. She walks differently to your average "normal" cat. Because she has had no input from mum and siblings on how to do these simple things, she has developed her own styles.

A normal cat walks with it's front-right and back-left at the same time, and vice-versa. Not my Bootie. She uses both left and both right legs at the same time, like a camel!

A normal cat runs relatively smoothly again the same paw pattern - my Bootie will use the correct paw pattern, but with stiff legs, so her little butt wobbles from side to side like a woman in stillettos!

And when a cat jumps, they usually land their front legs first. Bootie-boot will land her back paws first. To jump into the windowsill, we have a chair placed so that she can jump onto that and then up to the sill (because she can't jump from floor to sill, it's too high - but she loves to look out the window). She jumps to the chair, landing her back feet first - and without putting her front feet down - she HOPS to the sill!!

She is simply the most adorable little thing - I'm so proud of her for making progress that no-one ever believed in

She has her own way of doing things, and it's working for her!
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Booty, you're such a beautiful sweetheart!
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Awww that is so great! She is beautiful!
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What a wonderful stroy........She sounds like she is doing great and she is such a sweetie.

Emma x x
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she sounds like such a so glad that she is doing so well...and imo all cats walk weird and different....mine all have their own distinguished walk its soo funny and cute...but that was such a great story and o my what a beauty, i def cant wait to see more pics
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What a sweetheart!

Definately need to see more pics!
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That's so lovely, and what a gorgeous pic. Im glad she wasnt put to sleep. If we had given up on cleo because she had no eyes our lives would have been a lot less colourful and happy. for you and your kitty
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OMG! She`s beautiful!
I don`t remember seeing a cat that colour before. Glad she`s doing so well now.She`s a very special girl
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What a gorgeous GIRL
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Oh Bootie, you are gorgeous! Good for you!
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good for little Booty! And good on you for fighting for her. She's such a beautiful cat, and sounds like quite the character.
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Thats such great news!! Shes a gorgeous girl.
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Yay Bootie! She's beautiful.
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What a great cat! Thank you for giving her a happy life. And like everyone else, I'm just dazzled by her beauty...
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She is a beautie - thanks for sharing her wonderful story
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Your Bootie is a gorgeous kitty! I don't think I've ever seen a kitty with those markings and colors before. You are both very lucky to have found each other. I'm glad that you didn't decide to euthanize her. She sounds like a little doll and a real trouper too! ~~~Hugs~~~ to you both!

Pookie & the girls
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She is gorgeous, good on you for giving her a chance
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Here are those new pictures you wanted

She's definitely not the most elegant little thing.... but she's certainly a princess inside!
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Oh, but such a pretty girl, and those eyes are striking! What spirit!
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She sounds so special, and what a cutie
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She's gorgeous! Yes, definitely, more pictures!!! How old is she? She doesn't look very old.
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She will be a year old next Tuesday
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