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Best cat tree for variety of needs?

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I used to have a six foot tall carpeted cat tree from a local chain pet store for my three cats. I had to get rid of it awhile ago, because it was becoming an eyesore and I was tired of vacuuming the tattered carpet shreds that flew off of it every day from their clawing.

In the last few months, one of my cats has started tearing up the carpets in my apartment. I suspect he misses the cat tree. He claws around door jams and where the carpet meets other items, like the sliding glass door, the tile in the entryway and the edge around the fireplace. It's driving me nuts because I don't want to buy the complex a new carpet when I move out.

I did buy a great waist-high all-sissal rope scratching post that they all absolutely love, but I don't know that it's enough to keep them busy. Would a new cat tree help occupy them?

I'm not too concerned in the price of the cat tree or furniture. I just want it to be something that won't look completely sloppy or get torn to pieces in short order. And more importantly, I need to consider the differences in our three cats.

You see, one is a big, fat, muscular bulldog of a cat at about 35lbs. He had no way of climbing up our old cat tree without it falling over (and there wasn't room for him even if he did get up there).

Another has cerebellar hypoplasia. So while he can drag and claw his way up a *carpeted* cat tree a level or two, it's difficult for him.

The third is just a normal, tiny ball of fur that climbs everything and is the troublemaking carpet-digging one.

All the cat trees I have found are about 18 inches to a side, about five or six foot tall, made of carpet or other easily damaged material, tip easily and are impossible for two of my cats to really enjoy.

Any advice or pointers? I figure I'll end up spending about $200 to $400 and if it keeps him from clawing up my real carpet, it's worth it.

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For your kitty with cerebellar hypoplasia maybe something like these with easy to climb levels? They aren't really tall. I remember one of our TCS members buying one and they really liked it.

For the little one who scratches carpet have you tried the cardboard scratchers? My Seb used to do the same thing with the carpet where it meets the doors. Now I have two of these out at all times and he loves them and has not scratched the carpet in ages.
http://www.amazon.com/Worldwise-Smar.../dp/B00062B84O (found mine at Walmart)

Here's something fancier but still the corrugated cardboard.

For the big trees, I am not sure. That's just something I dream about for now I know some manufacturers offer options of larger trays for the larger cat but I cannot attest to the quality or sturdiness.

Please let us know what you decide on and Welcome to TCS!
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I was also thinking about the wide base platform trees. A woman I met used to buy sisul rope and wrap her carpeted trees with the rope. That helps prevent the carpet from coming loose and landing all around the home. I have done that to most of the trees in my house and it really helps. I was getting tired of having to vacuum up all those carpet scraps.
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You need to buy one that has a very wide base so not to tip over easily. And get one with multiple levels - from low to high - maybe even one that is more like a double treehouse with a connecting ramp between the tall main posts. Also look for one with little "beds" or hiding places as well as plain shelves.

Check at your local cat shows - they usually have tree house vendors with a variety of sizes and shapes.
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