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I had to return that fat 'lil bulldog I had a sign up at the store and one of the volunteer firemen(who happens to be DH's cousins hubby) called me and said they have had some people call the police station and reported a bulldog missing! So I kinda knew where they lived and went over there and told them I had their dog. And they were SOO pleased and said they had just hung up missing posters about him. They invited me in to see photos of the dog too. That way I knew he was theirs!! And the dog is an older dog as I suspected with all sorts of medical conditions(not life threating) but still...

I am sad, but yet happy~if that makes sense? I am glad hes home again but also sad not to see his little chubby wrinkly face....
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Did they say how he managed to get lost?
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well at least they were nice and understanding and offered pictures and such ! I wonder how he did get lost but things happen u know! I completely understand what you mean tho At least hes reunited with his family he was a cutie tho
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Heh, it's probably a good thing he had an owner!!! I'm glad they were nice and obviously love their doggie
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Good work! Look at you, a multi-species rescuer!
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GO YOU!! It's wonderful that he was reunited with his family, and it's so nice that they've offered pictures - they obviously really love him and appreciate what you've done for him
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and you said he wasn't fixed?????? SHEESH

good for you though!
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Well done in getting that little love home, it sounds as if he's loved
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I'm glad you helped him find his family.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Did they say how he managed to get lost?
Well they said they let him on their front porch to *sun* himself and he must of gotten the door opened and took off. It must of taken them sometime to notice him missing though And they claimed they were too busy to get anything hung up until last night~which I thought was odd, because no matter how busy I was I would of hung signs immediately if it were my dog!! But anyhoo-at least hes home again and hopefully wont be around roaming again.
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