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Graphic Design Contest

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This isn't cat related, but since I know how talented our graphics artists are here, I thought I would give this a go...

I need a new design for t-shirts for our Highpower Rifle Team. Sales from the t-shirts are used as a fundraiser for our Junior program to help pay for entry fees, housing, team dinner (basically whatever needs extra cash) at the National Matches in Ohio in August. The t-shirts will also be our team identity at the Nationals, so you can be assured that upwards of 2500 people will see your design (if you win) at the nationals.

Our Junior team is one of the top teams in the nation - we've always got 2 or more 2-"man" teams in the medals (top 20%) in the Whistler Boy match at the Nationals and have won that match multiple times. We've also placed in the top 10 of the 6-"man" team match many years in a row, including earning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in that match. I happen to be the Team Captain for our top Junior teams in those matches at the Nationals, too.

Anyway, the prize in this contest will be 3000 TCS points and, if you would like, a t-shirt with your winning design printed on it. (I haven't decided on the color, but it will be a light-colored shirt, not pastel and not white.)


The Colorado Flag must be prominently included in the design.
Please, no more than 5-6 colors (including black and white, if used) since it will be screen printed.
The words, "Colorado High Power 2007"
The image should be large enough to convert into a Vector Graphic (Adobe Illustrator). If you want to use this to create the graphic, that's great but a good quality PSD, JPG or GIF would also be fine.
Some hints for ideas:

If you want to know more about what High Power Rifle Competition is, see this link: http://www.nrahq.org/compete/highpower.asp and this link: http://www272.pair.com/stevewag/matc...highpower.html

Our team shoots Service Rifles, which are the civilian equivalent to the military issued M16, known as the AR-15. (Ours are much more accurized, and cost a bundle - this is NOT a poor man's or wanna-be gang banger sport!!!)

Here is a link for some pictures of our team in past years: http://www.savesamoa.org/Perry/index.html

The Club that supports the Junior team, and where the shirts will be sold, is Buffalo Creek Gun Club, whose mascot is, obviously a Buffalo. That could be incorporated somewhere,

BCGC is located in the mountains, in a beautiful location. Mountains could also be incorporated.

You do not NEED to incorporate anything to do with the shooting sport unless you want to. PM me if you would like good examples of targets, firearms, positions, etc.

Please send submissions to valanhb at gmail dot com and any size of file is fine (the bigger, the better!)

I will get input from our other coaches and captains on the team, who will have no idea who submitted which design, so the "judging" will be blind.

If I/we decide to use any of the designs for future years, you will be rewarded with at least the points, and if I can still reach you, a t-shirt with that design printed on it when it is produced.

Please feel free to ask any questions, etc. here or PM me.

Thank you for your time and efforts!

Just as an example, this is the shirt design from last year, printed on a nice dusty green.

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Forgot to add...

Deadline for the contest is 1 week from today, April 27th.
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Just a reminder - contest ends in just 2 days! I'm THRILLED with the entries received so far!!!
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Congratulations to Hope! The coaches and team selected her design to be our official team shirt for 2007!

Here it is:

Thanks to everyone who participated and sent me entries. They really liked ALL of them.
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Thank You, I'm glad you liked it.
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Congrats Hope!
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Great job, Hope!
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Congratulations Hope! That's fantastic!
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