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Goodbye my friend

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Rambo was not my dog. I met him in 2003 when I started working for the ACO. The guy I worked with was Rambo's daddy. Rambo was a sweet, overweight, old Labrador that I fell in love with the moment I met him. About 3 months after I met him, my friend called me frantically one night... Rambo had been hit by a car and was paralyzed. He rushed him to the vet, where it was advised he euthanize his buddy... but he couldn't do it. He told the vet to do whatever necessary to save his boy. So the vet did his best and through our constant care, Rambo bounced back. I went out to his house often to help him move Rambo, we had to carry him outside and turn him over often to keep him from getting sores. Slowly, he regained his ability to walk. Over the past few years, Rambo developed asthma, but was still the happiest, friendliest dog.
I just received a message from my friend, Rambo passed away today at the age of 18. He was a faithful friend, the sweetest dog I have ever known and he will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. This is the only picture I have of Rambo, that my friend sent to me last year.

RIP my sweet boy 1989 to 4/20/07.

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Oh Rambo you are whole now Rest in Peace sweet baby boy
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I'm so terribly sorry to hear of Rambo's passing

It sounds like he was quite the fighter throughout his life. He is now at peace at the rainbow bridge
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My prayers are with you.

RIP Rambo
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sweet boy, I am so sorry to hear of your passing, but my what a fighter and what a Daddy you had to help you fight. Now you can rest, and watch over those that loved you oh so very much

play happily Rambo - RIP

I will light a candle to help guide you home

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When you've had an animal that long, it becomes one of the family. To know that the dog had physical challenges in his life makes the passing all the harder. Knowing he lived a long life and longer than it could have been is a comfort. If only pets could live as long as we do. But life isn't that way.
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Oh what a beautiful boy you are Rambo. RIP sweet one.
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I'm so sorry. What a sweetheart Rambo was. RIP sweet guy.
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So sorry to read about Rambo. It sounds like he brought a lot of joy to people around him in the 18 years he graced this Earth

RIP Rambo

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Please tell your friend how sorry I am to hear about Rambo.

Rambo is now over at the Bridge and he is healthy once again.

I hope Rambo finds my beloved Sambo, Sambo will play with him.

RIP Rambo
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Gosh 18!, what a brilliant age

Run fast over the bridge to your new home Rambo, but be nice to the kitties there

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Rest peacefully Rambo!
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WOW! 18 is a darned good age for a dog!

RIP Sweet Rambo
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Awww Rambo, you little sweety. RIP hun
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Sending you lots of hugs, and prayers for Rambo, what a gorgeous puppy
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