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Nalas losing hair

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So, Since I've gotten Nala she has lost quite a bit of hair. I know, I know bring her to the vet right ? Well, the thing is I don't have the 400 dollars the vet wants to spay her. So, on the first of May I am bringing her to get spayed for 67 dollars at a mobile unit that is coming. Thank God for that!

Anyway, are they going to reject her because of her hair ?

I Was searching and reading about cats losing their hair. I saw that it happens alot because of stress. Which I'm sure she is in because of one being introduced to a new cat and a new home. Two, she isn't spayed and has been in heat a few times. So I'm sure that could be the reason.

She also licks herself quite a bit.

I really hope it's not something super serious where she will die before I can get her into the real vet.

Hopefully the mobile unit can help me out.

Sorry this is such a crazy post but I'm not to sure what questions to ask or what to say. Hopefully you guys can help me too.
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Originally Posted by xris View Post
I know, I know bring her to the vet right ? Well, the thing is I don't have the 400 dollars the vet wants to spay her.
400?! That's outrageous!

Losing fur could be a number of things, stress, allergies, other health problems, ringworm... . You do not want to risk your current cat's health either.

Without a vet you cannot be certain what the cause is. Are there no other vets that will charge less for spaying and an office visit? Average office visit here is $35-40, plus any treatment, extra procedures, and medications. Call around, there has to be another choice.
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Are you sure her hair loss is not just her shedding her winter coat? I am vacuuming up so much hair at the moment from my five (never mind the ponies who cover me in it!!) that I could knit a blanket. It comes out in handfuls and can seem quite worrying.
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That's what I was thinking - more of a shedding out the winter coat. Are there any bald patches? A longer hair cat seems to shed out the heavy winter coat quickly, so that's probably it.

Have you checked her for fleas? Any red spots or irritated areas? If not, its probably just normal shedding. Try to comb her once a day so she doesn't swallow too much hair

And $400 for spaying????? what are they doing? Feeding her filet migon???
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I've had cats that shed huge amounts of fur also. Not sure if that is what is going on with your cat. But I'm wondering what others have asked. Are there bald patches, red areas etc.? When I comb my Persians, I will have a pile of hair left!

And I'm also shocked at $400 for a spay?? I've never heard of such an outrageous price!
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The only reason why the spay was so much money at that vet is because she hadn't had any shots yet. They won't spay until her shots have been done.

However, I have just picked her up from being spayed. She was spayed by TEAM which is a low cost spay/neuter mobile clinic. It cost $73.00 for a check up, the shots she needed, frontline, and nail clipping.

The vet from TEAM told me her excess grooming is coming from the stress of her being in a new home. She gave her a depo(?) shot and told me that she should be fine now. However, she said that it could take her up to 6 months to get used to her new environment.
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You should watch her to make sure that she is not grooming herself bald, or giving herself sores.

If she is, it could be a food allergy.
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