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Cat scratchin's

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I didn't want to hijack the stupid people thread , but I wanted to reply to this....

Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Me too! LOL

I've heard vegans/vegitarians claim that miking a lactating cow hurts it! So NOT true... in fact, it hurts them to not be milked. I actually saw a neat piece on dairy cows yesterday where the cows went into this gated area to be machine milked when ever they felt like it. Pretty cool... lucky cows! They also had the really cool motion sensor bristle brushes that were set at a height where the cow could walk up to it (which will make it start spinning) and rub their head and back on it. Someone needs to make those for cats.
Trace Tumblebrutus has 3 legs, and because of that, he has trouble scratching the right side of his face and chin. He hadn't been here a whole day when he discovered that this "cathair magnet" was just the dandiest thing ever for scratching (when the human wasn't around to do it for him )

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LOL when you say cat scratchings I think of my wall that Tavia has scratched up on the bottom for the door in the laundryroom. But that is such a cute little story I love how smart cats are
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