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Urgent help needed

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Bindi is an indoor/outdoor cat, harness and lesh trained. I never take him outside without first harnessing him and getting a two walky talky so I can keep contact.

While I was planting some swamp milkweed seeds, I got pots from the backyard, I stupidly left the dooor open for a few seconds getting back in and Bindi vanished. That was last night at around 9 oclock, its now neaerly 6 oclock and we've found not a trace of him, I had to go to work and hubs so I could not search for him though during lunch break I called the boss of all my pcas so she would call around to alert others, maybe send one of my pcas to my home to look for him. I worried all day about him and am scared I'll never see him again or worse that he will be found de

Vibes needed.

After this Bindi will NEVER go outside again.
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oh no, sorry to hear that. I really hope he finds his way home soon. Kep going out and shaking food etc to try attract him, and check neighbours gardens, garages etc in case he could have got scared, hidden somewhere and got shut in. Hope he turns up soon
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look dont know if this will help.Was in pet shop today chatting with the guy about id tags-extra to micro chip and harnesses.Our conversation went on to me saying i was worried about letting the new kitten we get, out in garden.He gave all sorts of advice in particular this-Im sure you have heard before but anyway,Take litter tray of cats used litter and sprinkle all round garden perimeter-obviuosly they will smell their own scent-anyway if yr cat is in the vicinity and you dont know it,hopefully will pick up the scent-maybe its worth a try.

By the way so sorry to hear this and send you the best of wishes for the safe return of your loved one.x
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Search thoroughly right around the house. Indoor cats that get out are usually very close to the house, maybe scared to come out...but often very, very close.
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Sending come-home thoughts to Bindi...
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If you spread dry catnip around im sure he will smell that, and thats a scent any indoor cat is familiar with.
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I second the dirty litter suggestion. Also, I have read (when my cat went missing ) that the best time to look for your cat is, for example, 2am, when everything is settled down and quieter. If he's holed up, and you call him, he may meow but not come out. He may also feel safer at night to come out. My best friend found her cat under the next door neighbors' backyard shed- he had been missing 2 days, if I remember right.

Don't forget to look up, too- when I was a kid, we had a dark calico cat go missing- turned out, she was in the next door neighbors' backyard, and the neighbors' dog had run her up a pinetree- at least 30 ft- for a couple of days!

Put up signs with a pic too if you can .

Will be praying he comes home soon!
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I hope Bindi comes home soon.
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I hope Bindi comes home safe and sound. I know that you have probably done this but shaking his dry food bag or treat bag might grab his attention. I really hope he comes home.
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