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Bungy Mouse!!!!!

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This is so cute! I don't know if everyone has seen the whiskas commercials! If you haven't enjoy hehehe!!!!!!!!!

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LOL...i hadn't seen either of those before...very cute
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Thanks very much for all the video's! I downloaded them all! Except of course for the apple computer only one. I have a similar video type thing that I'm having trouble attaching to this posting, it's an mpeg and it's a Bacardi Kitty commercial. It aired during all that soccer hype and it's a laugh-till-you-pee commercial! It's truly funny. But I can't send it, any hints?
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Hi Tamme What I did was open 2 pages so I had the TCS open with my message and in the other browser the comercial page I wanted to show, I went to the top where it showed the address highlighted it left click with your curser on the address press copy then opened the message I was typing and pasted it onto the message post!

I think the reason it may not work is that you have to be over 18 to access the Bacardi Breezer web site that it is located on so perhaps you should just do the link to the web site!


Some info about it

If you like cats and you've not yet seen the new advert for Bacardi Breezer featuring Tom the dancing cat you're in for a treat. I know this is already a big hit with cat lovers from the reaction this has got from people at work and presume there may well be a follow up in the future.
Tom is a lovely silver and black tabbie and one of the best looking and cutest cats I've ever seen. The advert starts off with Tom appearing to be your average home loving pampered cat, with his rather elderly owner fussing over him. After his dinner Tom is laid next to the old lady while she talks to him as though he is actually a person. He's not just a sit at home cat but has got another side to him, as we soon find out. Luckily for him he's got a catflap so come the night time he escapes the quiet life at home to visit the local nightclub. When he gets there he has a great time mixing with the girls, and is clearly the centre of attention.

Next is the best bit of the commercial as Tom takes to the dance floor to boogie the night away, watched by the other clubbers.

After his exertions, Tom appears through his catflap looking very much the worse for wear. His owner is oblivious to his secret life and accuses him of being out chasing the birds. Although the advert is only around the usual 30 seconds long it must have taken ages to get the right shots of the cat, especially the dancing. I'm sure you'll agree with me that there will be thousands of fellow cat lovers wishing they could adopt Tom.

In some versions of the advert they are now showing, Tom's dancing bit has been extended. It now shows Tom and the DJ copying each others dancing moves. Hopefully
this rehash of the advert is the forerunner of a new commercial.


Update 10th February.

Just a quick update from an article in todays The Look magazine.

Apparently there are three identical cats playing Tom in the commercial - Magoo, Murphy and Merlin. The advert was filmed in Prague last year and the cats spent six weeks perfecting their dancing. They were flown in from Hollywood and are such stars that they even had their own hotel suite, special cat beds etc. Previous things they have worked on include the mouse movie Stuart Little and they are now working on a sequel to this.

There is a scene in the original advert were Tom nuzzles up against the chest of one of the beautiful clubbers. According to this article the only way they could get Tom to do this was for the girl to stuff some boiled Chicken down her cleavage.

Given their star status I'm not sure whether there will now be a sequel to this advert because presumably it must cost a fortune to hire these three stars.
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