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VERY concerned about my momma cat!

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Well, the kittens are 5 1/2 weeks old...(will get pics out soon, I promise!) but Dutchess is not acting right at all! As I mentioned before, for some reason she decided to bring them all down to the family room on Monday. I thought, okay, we have company here and she wants to socialize them. But since then she has hardly nursed them (that is okay though, they eat wet KittenChow and drink water) and today she stayed in the same position in my closet from at least the time I woke up (6am) until 2 this afternoon when I carried her down to see her babies. She hasn't eaten ANYthing except for about 10 bites of wet cat food, hasn't drank, and hardly moves or acknowledges the kittens existence. I don't know what to do for her! The only way I can get to a vet right now is if they are 100% free and might consider giving me gas money. I was looking at her nipples and one seems to be tucked in a little, but nothing too weird. Anyone?
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I would check her nipples again, make sure none of them feel hot.

Do you have a way to take her temperature?
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She might have mastitis. If this is the case, she must be taken to a vet immediately. I lost my beloved Zippy to mastitis a week ago, and I thought she was just a little sick...

Here's a link to more info about mastitis:
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oh i hope all is well and you were able to get this momma to the vet.

Please let us know how she is doing

Emma x x x
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i hope she is ok, can you ring a vet and see what they suggest , tell them your situation and maybe before you panick they can tell you what to look out for what to check for while on the phone so that they can maybe try and figure out what is wrong and see if a vet is needed?
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Any update? Thinking about Dutchess...

Xxtashaxx's idea about just calling a vet for advice is excellent. I hope you've been able to do that. If you need to get Dutchess to a vet, some vets agree to a financial arrangement after treatment. If you cant find any cooperative vets, is there the equivalent of the UK's RSPCA where you are? (Im sure there is, but I dont know the name of it...basically a cat welfare organisation). They may be able to help if you plead your case as this poses a risk to both Dutchess and her babies, if it continues.

Good vibes coming your way....
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Just checking back to see how Dutchess is doing. I hope she is okay.
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If she won't nurse them, something is wrong - usually they quit at about 7-8 weeks at the earliest.

I'd call your vet, explain the situation and see if they will accept payment plans - but she really needs to be seen quickly.
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is there not any news yet?? i hope everything is ok.
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Hmmm bit worrying - looks like the 20th was the last time DutchessMom posted. I hope all is ok.
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