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What ever happened to Spring?

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I'm confused. If I recall grade school right, seasons usually go from Winter to Spring to Summer... well, I'm not too sure where Spring went.

Last week, we had a snow storm. And today, it's over 20C (that's over 70F) and sunny. People are walking around in shorts and t-shirts... but the snow hasn't all melted yet.

What's going on??

(no complaints though )
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In the uk we are talking about the exact same thing. Its been very unusually warm here....hot even....

We have flowers blooming early.....birds migrating and animals having their babies before expected.

Dont get me wrong im not complaining but it sure is strange
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Well to me 70 degrees is spring weather. It's certainly not hot enough to be summer weather.

Here in Los Angeles we're having winter weather today: Raining cool and gloomy. Normally we have rain in the winter months, and cool gloomy days like today are definitly winter weather. Yesterday it was close to 80, and we've had lots of 80 degree days all winter long, with little or no rain. Todays spring storm is the most rain we've had during the entire season, and you would probably see a day like today in January or February. It's only in the 60's here today.
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last week it reached 28 degrees celcius here in frankfurt! it was nice but im wondering whats going on

The stuff ive seen on tv so far is scary
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I know what you mean Monday we had 15 cm of snowand it was 2 degrees and today it's 21 degrees and sunny
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It is VERY SPRINGY here, cool with warm sunshine

AND my boss just closed the office early!!
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I'm beginning to believe that we set up our calendars wrong. I.e. there was the Caesarian Calendar that only had 10 months...we're on the Gregorian with 12, but still...I have a sneaky feeling we've been wrong this whole time.
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Its like that in Wisconsin... The weather always changes! A couple weeks ago we reached 80 and then a few days later we were hit with a nasty snow storm... Today we are 65 and by sunday will be 80! I guarentee the temp will drop again!
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