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Any update on Fluffy?
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How is she today?
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Originally Posted by Keisha View Post
How is she today?
Was wondering the same thing
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hi thanx for all the intrest , shes fine , a bit vocal but i think that has a lot to do with she dosnt like being locked up in the bedroom , but i have no choice as she has excaped before so now she is kept in the one room lol. (i got her straight back in btw ) no more panting or anything though , so fingers crossed it was as the vet said a false labour
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Skittles kitten had 4 babies all is great
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aww i didnt know she was due yet , im so glad everything went well. soooo wheres the pictures , are they like there mum and grandma?
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Oh Fluffy, you had us all going there!
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