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update with fluffy

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well her urine test didnt show any blood
but were waiting on another lot of blood work to make sure she is in the clear .
they can feel at least 4 kittens but they said there could be more , they dont have an ultrasound machine thing so only other way is x ray which i dont want her to have unless its nesscery the vet thinks the same. (its not the money as they only charge £40.00 for this)
they are a bit worried on how big she is at the moment , so they want to see her in her 8th week if she gets a lot bigger they will do an x ray to get a rough idea on how many to expect , this is because she has a small build and are worried she may have some problems.

but so far everything seems to be going fine with her health and her pregnancy.
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That's good news! Hopefully, everything with the delivery and the kittens will go well, too . Keep us updated! Sounds like your vet is on top of things .
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thanx , yea the vet is super nice just a shame she got pregnant atall.
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well thats good!!! how far along is she again?
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she will be 7 weeks as from thursday
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Fingers and paws crossed for you Fluffy!
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wow shes really coming along!
so do you still hae your other kitties, that were born?
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yes the kittens will be 7 weeks on sataurday.
im up the vets with fluffy tomorrow morning as something dosnt seem to be right , but i cant pin point it , but i have a feeling all is not well.
shes drinking constantly and i mean a lot , shes asleep all the time not moving for most of the day , shes eating and tolieting fine but somethings just not right , and she seems a bit wet underneath. i always knew a miscarriage might happen due to the problems she has had so far , but i just have to wait to see what the vet says tomorrow.
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I hope everything is ok for you and fluffy when you see the vet tomorrow.

Sending lots of good luck vibes your way....x x x x x
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Good luck tomorrow.
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oh heck, just catching up on things, I am sending lots of positive healthy (((((((( vibes ))))))) for sweet Fluffy

I'm not sure if you posted this late Monday night and you have taken her to the vets today

Well, anyway hope all went well, keep us posted
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no your only an hour in front of me mooficat lol i posted this at 12.50 pm in the after noon
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i think this is a good sign , but i was just sitting with her and i felt them moving for the first time , most of it felt like bubbles popping but deffently a few light kicks going on aswell. this has put my mind at a little ease will be much better by tomorrow morning im sure.
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Glad things are looking more positive.
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Oh thats great news......maybe she is just getting to the tired stage or was maybe freaked out wondering what it was in her belly. If Boo's babies kicked her hard she would come to me as if saying cant you stop them.....they are driving me nuts LOL x x x x
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how is fluffy can not wait for newborn pictures now
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still the same , the more i think about it the more im less worried now i think it is because the size of her shes very uncomfy and a bit P**** maybe, shes still very young she will be a year old 5th may and shes due around the 8-10 may. shes also so used to going outside and hasnt been out in 4 weeks so shes not a happy cat.
how have you been ? everything ok?
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Yep, this is about the stage where my "I'll take your arm off if you touch my belly" cat turned into my "Oh please, please, rub my belly!" cat . 12 years later, she still likes her tummy massaged .

Not much longer to go! (though I'm sure it seems like an eternity ).
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well the vet thinks she is fine , they cant find anything wrong , so i think im worrying over nothing , god the amount of times i taken in a pregnant cat in my home you would think i was used to this by now ? but shes my baby had her since she was 4 weeks old, so im allowed to worry lol
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aww, I am glad the vet gave her the all-clear - its a worry but its best to get them off for a check over

Think I was suffering jet-lag yesterday - ha, only from UK now I look back at your original thread about going to the vets I can see it says PM - I thought it was an AM post .....must get some more sleep, or coffee

Give sweet Fluffy a tummy rub from us
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its not such good news now hun, im sure she is in first stages of labour .
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oh dear - very worried for Fluffy here. Lots of good vibes coming her way that its not early labour.

How is she now?
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
its not such good news now hun, im sure she is in first stages of labour .
oh heck, what happening
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i did make a new post about it ,( pleased send vibes ,) shes still panting loads pacing back and fourth laying standing then laying again , meowing , everything seems normal if it werent for the fact she has 2 weeks left to go.
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oh I am sorry I missed the new thread - sending lots of positive ((((( vibes ))))) for Fluffy - are you gonna take her in to the vets then ?
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they have told me to wait , they dont want to stress her out any more then what she already might be. if she does have them then she will be going straight to the vet after to make sure everythings is ok , and if it all stops then they want to see her tomorrow afternoon.
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Silly question and I dont mean to patronise by asking it, but are you sure you got her dates right? Any chance of her having come into heat early and snuck out? Sorry Im trying to think of everything which is a feasible alternative to a risky early labour.
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Originally Posted by minxie View Post
Silly question and I dont mean to patronise by asking it, but are you sure you got her dates right? Any chance of her having come into heat early and snuck out? Sorry Im trying to think of everything which is a feasible alternative to a risky early labour.
it is possible she might be a little bit further along as i dont know when she was mated , this is a long story so i will shorten it , she was spayed or so i thought got a phone call 4 months later saying they made a mistake and they had to close her up before they spayed her , but her notes were mixed up so as far as i was concerend she had been spayed , when i took her to a different vet to be spayed she was pregnant but had a uti and was put on antibiotics and again 2 weeks after as it wasnt clearing, but now that has cleared.
and she is huge and i mean full term huge , but has no milk , and only movement since y/day but she is so full of fur maybe i did miss the movements before? so maybe she is nearer then what me and the vet thinks ?? is it possible?
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Could be possible. So many of us have been surprised with dates (me and my vet included).

Re the lack of milk - I dont know about Olivia. But I remember with Tinkerbelle, there was no milk either prior to labour. I read that eating the placentas after birth helps stimulate milk flow. It so varies from cat to cat, i think (as to when milk shows).

That good news about her UTI having cleared.

Of course as a caring meowmy you are worried...but there is a chance that all might be ok and this is not an early labour. Keep us updated. Fingers crossed for Fluffy.
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thanx minxi. i was just reading through my first post when i found out fluffy wasnt spayed , the vet thought fluffy was 5 weeks gone when i first took her , but she showed no signs so when she went back 10 days later for a check with her uti her nipples had only just pinked up so they put her at about 3 weeks so only just pregnant, maybe they was right the first time round??? also i read about the milk sometimes not comming in untill babys are born , but i thought there mamory glands would still have started to fill , all my mums iv had here have always had there glands with milk before any milk was able to be expressed. or is it the same this might happen once she gives birth? out of all the cats whos given birth here she sure has me confused and the most worried.
i really hope your right and the dates are wrong , but if not i just hope fluffy is ok. shes still acting the same everytime she moves she crys a bit (not pain cry) but a meow , shes still panting lots and drinking lots even eating a little. but she is laying down a lot with her bum up aginst the wall sometimes legs up in the air ( she never sleeps like this) she even wanted me to rub her belly which isnt like her . will updated again in a hour.
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