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update with fluffy

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well her urine test didnt show any blood
but were waiting on another lot of blood work to make sure she is in the clear .
they can feel at least 4 kittens but they said there could be more , they dont have an ultrasound machine thing so only other way is x ray which i dont want her to have unless its nesscery the vet thinks the same. (its not the money as they only charge £40.00 for this)
they are a bit worried on how big she is at the moment , so they want to see her in her 8th week if she gets a lot bigger they will do an x ray to get a rough idea on how many to expect , this is because she has a small build and are worried she may have some problems.

but so far everything seems to be going fine with her health and her pregnancy.
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Thats brilliant news......I bet your so pleased
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i am thanx , and sorry this seem to posted twice ?? but i only did it once?
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My comp will sometimes have a flid and post twice....maybe you could ask one of the mods to delete the other one for yoy

Emma x x
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Glad to hear the results were good news!
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Ahh thats great news!!
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Wonderful news!! Big vibes for uneventful pregnancy
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Wonderful news! Glad everything appears to be ok :-)
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That's great! Glad to hear everything is going well!
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