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pics of my baby :o)

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Finally with alot of help from Bunn, I can post pics of my fur baby for all to see, enjoy fhttp:// http%3a%2f%2fwww%2egeocities%2ecom%2fsukisworld%2fguestcats%2ehtmlor
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nope that didn´t work....let me try again.....
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Sorry Lulu, they're still not working.
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Hehe, it is fiddly. You know where to send them if you want them hosting

In case you forgot, I know I would it's

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Again thankz Bunn, I tryed the copy and paste, but as you can see it didn´t work....this is sooooooooo frustrating Well maybe one day i´ll get it..
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No problem just send them to my e-mail and I'll get them hosted

I was looking at your link and it seems to come from the Meowhoo site. I dunno how you came to post that address, as it also puts up that I'm trying to access the site via Hotmail.

The best way to show pictures of your cat is to join up with a free host, such as Geocities or Tripod. Both don't allow pictures to be shown outside their site, but there's a way round that.

Anyway when you get a moment send them to me
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I have pictures in geocities but it won't let me share them outside.
How do you get around that?
At the moment I'm using a hosting site called ImageMagician but it has a limit that you can store for free.
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It's rather difficult to explain.

With a standard Geocities link it looks like this


if you use that link on its own then it won't work, this is because Geocities want all the bandwidth for themselves and won't allow it to be shared. So after a bit of fiddling I found out that if I use the Anonymiser website as a start link it would work. Geocities can't see that you've linked the image to another site, so they can't stop it. So if you want to show an image that is on your Geocities site add this line before the image url:


so as an example this is how it would look with the Geocities link:


Then just put the usual [img] tags around it and it'll work.

I would advise however that if possible get yourself your own webpage. Most ISPs offer free webspace and help to set it up. I do suspect some spoil-sport will report this hack to Geocities, but until then you may as well use it, I do

Hope that helps.
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