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Rolled over Her Foot

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This may be silly but I'm not sure what to do. I just woke up and was rolling my bed away (have a Jefferson bed) and I heard Daphne cry. She comes hopping out limping on her right rear leg. I must have rolled a wheel over her foot. I usually place her on the bed so I know where she is when I roll the bed in.

That was about 10 minutes ago and now she is behaving normally - jumping on Seb, bouncing from room to room, playing with balls, etc. When I try to pick her up to look at her leg she will have none of it. Don't know if its because she is really hyper or if it hurts. She doesn't seem to be limping on it now.

Should I take her in or am I just being paranoid? I have an appointment to take her in tomorrow for her shots.
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If she's behaving normally, not limping... I would just ask about it tomorrow at your appt.
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I would wait until tommorrow too. If she doesn't seem to be limping or in any pain. Just get the vet to have a look tomorrow! Hope she's okay
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On more than one occassion Roxie has gotten her paw stepped on, rolled over, or almost shut in a closet door -- an unfortunate result of her ALWAYS being at your feet. She'll kind of mope for a few minutes and then sure enough she is right back where she started. As long as she is behaving normally I would not worry. You can always have the vet give it a look tomorrow!! Good luck
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If she's still playing and not curled up crying, not bleeding, and no claws hanging off at an angle, then it's not an emergency and I would have them take a look at your appointment tomorrow.

I shut Sonic's foot in the door once and he was limping at first but a next day vet visit was fine, a couple of days of anti-inflammatories brought the slight swelling down and he was right as rain
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Thank you all so much! I will wait until tomorrow then. She seems to be doing okay on it. Though she is so bouncy it is tough to tell. You know that mood kittens get in when they do not want to be held and must play, play, play? That's her right now.

Wish I could stay home with her to make sure there is no swelling but I have to get to work.
Thank you all again! You have really helped
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