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Hi, I have been emailing a guy who advertised his kittens on the internet and I have arranged to go and see them next week. I was hoping you may be able to give me some pointers as to what I should be looking for when I see them? Basically how to tell they healthy and sociable and looked after

Thanks, I am new to the site,
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Hi, I'm sure some other people will give you some advice. When i go look for kittens i always make sure they are bright, playful, clean eyes - no weeping or irritation as that can indicate infections such as chlamydia, clean bottoms etc! Shiny coat. I would recommend not getting a kitten before 13 weeks of age if possible. Talk to the breeder about vaccinations, worming and flea treatment, and find out as much info from him as possible. When you hae chosen a kitten i uually leave a worn jumper or a blanket from the house so that the kitten can sleep on it and get used to your smell before it comes to live with you! Hope that helps!!
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oooh you're near me!! sorry just noticed!
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