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Yuck, most lawyers just want to get their client off whether they are guilty or not. (Criminal lawyers) Would be nice if they were for truth and justice.
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Don't you mean criminal defence lawyers? Or most defence lawyers for that matter, civil or criminal? Yes, there's few enough of those who are in it for truth and justice, that's for sure. I would never go into defence.
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I think Bruce has made some very good points
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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
Back in the 80's most of the Democrats hated Reagan too, so no difference IMO.

I believe we should be able to keep our RIGHT to have a gun. No I do not have one.

And I sure would like the terrorists that want to force all the world to Islam or death to be gone. Not all in the Middle East are like that.

I DO believe in Israel's right to exist. For sure. And will back them to the hilt.

Um, and again, still haven't gotten to the end of the thread yet so forgive me if I haven't seen the later posts yet... but we should be able to keep our RIGHT to have an abortion too. There's nothing to say that people can't be pro-choice and still be pro-life. What's right for one person is not right for another, but being pro-choice does not mean that one is not pro-life, it simply means that you think people have a right to their own decisions. What's right for one, is not necessarily right for another. As it stands, abortion is a right, at least for a little while yet, anyway.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Hmmm...thanks for the correction. I've been wondering lately if boyfriend has been pulling things from his you-know-where.
Actually, I just got interested in the answer myself because it's been about ten years since I was up to date on the laws and wondered how they'd changed. Wasn't really a correction, lol, just a.. "oh, I wonder about that, let me look it up!!" The NORML website has a lot of info on it.
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I dont agree with hunting! Just to make everyone aware it is a sport to do target practice and such with shotguns but it is no less or a sport if you use a handgun. I do better with handguns, the sites work for me better, as well as less recoil effect! Personal preference I guess! In range competitions handguns are used as well... The gun range manager told me so! Its perfect for target practice!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Exactly! I think that's more accurate to clarify not all republicans or conservatives think that way And i do agree- many liberals are turned off to republicans as a result of Bush. I know even though i'm mostly a republican, i do not agree with many things he has done...but some i do. It just depends on the individual issue for me Btw, i like Schwartzeneger too As far as guns go- i'm all for them if everyone meets the requirements (i do think some new ones need to be made in liu of the VT Massacare though) i think you must be of legal age, pass all requirements and proper training. We have 8 guns at our house (shotguns, handguns and pistols) 9 if you count Colin's service weapon. We are well trained on them (i used to be petrified of them until i learned how to use one- now i can shoot better than most men i know). All of our guns are kept in a secure gun safe and the door to that gun closet stays locked as well just in case (i have lots of nieces and nephews) we do have one shot gun that we keep in the closet in our bedroom - if anyone breaks in- they're gonna be sorry at our house that being said though- i don't tote a gun around everywhere with me nor do i feel that everyone needs one- i think that it's ok for properly trained/approved individuals who practice safe gun use to have them in their homes (in a safe location away from children) should they need to protect themselves from an intruder) That's pretty much my stance on it. Also- we plan to teach our future children that guns are not toys and make sure that they learn at a young age that they can hurt people etc... and keep them locked up. I also do not believe that children should have toy guns to play with because i think it could be easy for a child to confuse a toy with a real weapon and cause something tragic. (sorry for the side track!!)
I agree that people should be required here to take safety classes, they should know how to take their gun apart and properly clean it, and even take a mental state of health test! I myself think I should take a safety class due to certain errors I have made through the learning process, etc! Here it is not required to take a safety class although they did pass a few years ago that you have to be 21 to shoot at the range!
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Originally Posted by CatsAreBetter View Post
Marijuana is decriminalized in: Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska, Ohio, New York, and Maine.. these are all states that consider it, in my opinion, to be insignificant as they only issue petty offenses or .. civil offenses and minor fines, etc for possession only. Alaska offers no penalty and is completely legal to possess and use marijuana in your own home.

Vermont is one of the stricter states.. with less than 2 oz, six months in jail and a $600 fine. It's a misdemeanor. Second offense is felony, 2 years in jail, $2000 fine. It's not even legal for medical marijuana there.

Medical states: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Maryland, Hawaii..

But anyway, I saw that post and got interested in where the laws stood these days. Sorry for the overzealous post, lol.

All states rules and punishment factors for marijuana vary! Here in Wisconsin the first offense (as long as it isn't enough for attempt to sell) is a misdemeanor and about a $500 ticket! This I know because back in 2004 I was busted and charged with possession of THC (I no longer do drugs so no need for lectures)... I wasn't required to be in court and was charged as a misdemeanor! This happend at a concert (I wasn't smoking at all when I got busted, they saw a little corner form a plastic bag hanging out of my glove box and assumed it was weed... which they were right)! I was busted with two pipes and a quarter... They arrested me and then released me after taking my prints and picture, and taking everything else! In alot of states I would have been charged with a felony! I was allowed to stay for the concert... which sucked since I was stressed about that! Everyone was in the mosh pit waving around papers and weed, doing acid trips and I got busted for not even smoking or bringing it out! A lesson well learned I must say and a print on my record that forever remains! Ahhh to be young and dumb! This is totally off topic but it makes for interesting conversation how each state varies in punishment!
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This thread has been closed due to the inordinate number of off topic posts. Please refer to this thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=123829 for my comments on such posts.
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