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Licking cat

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Hi all,
My two year old cat Becker likes to lick..now first I must say its done in the most affectionate way..Becker loves being cuddled..sitting on your lap..climing on your shoulder for a hug..he is very affectionate..but as soon as he is in your arms he licks..constantly..he also licks my feet when Im up and about in the morning lol..he is healthy happy and well looked after..I was wondering if he is deficient in something..as I said its not nasty behaviour..his the biggest sook Ive ever had the pleasure of owning heh..any suggestions would be welcome..or am I worry over nothing??

thanks guys and gals...and cats heh
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I would imagine it may be one of two things. Fist, yes they can be lacking certain vitamins. It could also just be an obsessive behavior. Like in people, they can use something as a crutch to make them feel better. The first thing you can try is adding a suppliment to the diet. I happen to prefer the 3v formulas by DVM. You can usually find them at the vet or online pet supply stores. I would give it at least 3 to 6 weeks to see if there's an improvement. If no improvement, I would look into something to help relax him a bit. The first option and the least invasive is the Dr. Bachs rescue remedy. They make a wide selection of flower essence to help certain behaviors, but since there's no tell tale sign of a certain problem, I would start with the rescue remedy and just put it in his water every day. This also would take a few weeks to show any improvement. The rescue remedy you can find at most health and nutrition stores.
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One of my cats likes to lick me while she is being petted. I've noticed that when she doesn't lick, she drools instead. So, I think that when she is happy, she salivates, and then she licks in order to keep the salivation under control. I don't know whether that makes any sense, but it seems to be what is going on with my Maggie.
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I had one cat that used to lick me a lot. He was an extremely affectionate cat and would lick me when I was cuddling him.

Isabel, who I have now licks me as her way of trying to tell me something. She licks my elbow if she wants a treat. (My old cat used to sit on the stool while I typed on the computer to keep me company. I wanted to train her to sit there just like he used to. I'd use treats everytime she sat there. Then she got the hang of it and I started not giving her treats. So now she licks my elbow to point out how good she is being. It's cute.) She also never ever climbs in my lap, she will lick my hand once or twice to tell me she would like to be picked up. Also, she will lick my chin twice as her way of letting me know she is enjoying being cuddled.
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Hello everyone. I too have a very "licky" cat who is otherwise happy and healthy. He seems to do to us what he does to his sister cat, which is groom her. He also grooms the dog when she will let him! With that raspy tongue, it can be annoying and I stop him if he seems to be becoming obsessive. Nice to know he's not the only odd one out there!
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