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I'm so upset!:bawling:

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I went for an interview last Monday for a job at a facility that I've been trying to get into for the past 3 1/2 years. Today I finally got a P.F.O. letter in the mail. For those of you who don't know what a P.F.O. letter is, it's a Please F*** Off letter. I know it's crude but it suits how I feel. That job was looking so good and I was so hopeful! It's a retirement home for the elderly as well as the Dementia and Alzeimer's residents. It's a top notch facility and I can't understand why they keep refusing to accept me. I've had SO much volunteer experience there and know so many people there, but they still won't accept me unless I'm not working anywhere else and can only be available for them But I need to pay my bills too! I work somewhere else yes but it's only part-time and I would still be available so much for them. ARG! Thanks for letting me vent guys. I needed it.
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Oh Tamme! I know your frustrations very well. For the last 2 years I have been trying to get into an excellent company. I have gone for 5 interviews over that time with separate people. Something always happens last minute and they say they cannot offer the job.

Chalk this up to a lesson. You may be the ultimate candidate but businesses always have their own agenda that you shouldn't try to figure out. Believe me when I say that there are other jobs out there. Right now you may think this is the most perfect job, but it is not the only one.

Keep your options open. Start focussing your energy on other job possibilities. Next week I'll be going for a job interview at my "dream place". So maybe next week, after the interview, I'll be as frustrated as you and you'll have to hear me vent!

Chin up!

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Kassandra, good luck with your interview, I hope the results are better than mine. There are other places that I could apply at, but this one was the ideal. Better luck for the both of us eh?
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Kassandra and Tamme...best of luck to both of you in your quest! I know how you feel...I tried for a couple of years to get into the DuPont company. I kept going on interviews and kept getting the "letter"! I did finally get hired and I worked for DuPont for 9 years. Then they outsourced their IT division to Computer Sciences Corporation, whom I've worked for for the past 5 1/2 years.

Stick with it ladies...persistence pays!
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Oh Tamme...I am sorry to hear this. I don't blame you for being upset! It doesn't seem fair that they can't hire you part time. I am sure you would be very good at this job.

Kassandra, good luck with your job prospect! let us know how it goes!
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Tamme - it is difficult in Canada in the social service field. There are so many people available for the jobs and too few positions (and even less that pay well). I am trained in social services, but work as a government employee, where my skills get used infrequently, unfortuantely. Good luck finding something that you'll love!

Kassandra - good luck! Where are you applying?
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Thanks everyone for wishing me well!

Adrienne, I don't want to say where it is in case I jinx it! I'll tell more once I make it "through" the interview.

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Definately don't jinx it - Best of luck! You can use all of us her for a character reference!
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