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Authority Cat Food

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I went over to PetsMart today to buy my cats food. I usually buy them Whiskas dry and wet. I started thinking to myself...I should really look into the natural foods. I bought Authority Adult Cat Food Lamb & Rice. I am going to switch them (the food smells so tasty) when all of their "crap" food is finished. here are absolutely NO by-products an Authority and it is very inexpensive. A 20lb bag of Authority in Canada is $24.99. I am so glad that everyone here at The Cat Site gave me so much info on natural foods and why they're better for my cats health. Thank-you!

Here are my questions!

1.When I feed my cats, can I fill my feeder, or should I feed them in their own bowls?

2.How much would they eat out of the feeder? (It smells so good you'd think they would eat alot of it.)

3.How long will an 18lb bag last me with 5 cats? At the PetsMart site they say 1, 18lb bag lasts one 10 pound 1 year old cat, 18 weeks.
(Two are kittens and will be fed Authority Kitten Forumla.)

4.How long before I will notice a change in my cats vitality, coat and skin?

5.And last but not least, does the quality food really make their poop less stinky?

I have never fed my cats high quality food so I just need some advice. I have no idea if any of the high quality foods do what they say they will. Someone told me you can notice a difference very quickly with Authority Cat Food. Any help would be appreciated!

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This is just my 2 cents, and what I have experienced with my crew. Most every cat is different and will have a different digestive system as well as metabolism. I have found that if cats have been fed a commercial diet for years, and then you switch them to natural food, you may see some excess gas and smellier stools for some time. In some cases, it may never improve. This is not always the case, just be aware. With multiple cats, you can feed them in seperate dishes, but more than likely they will all eat out of each others bowls. I only use 2 good size bowls for everyone. When feeding multiple cats, it's hard to keep track of who eats what amount,so measuring is near impossible. I also have found that with multiple cats, only time will tell how many pounds you will go through every week to two weeks. It's been YEARS since I was feeding the Purina, so I really don't remember how much I went through. I do know that they go through less of the premium food. I have 13 cats eating at the same location and we go through about 20 pounds every two weeks. The difference in the hair coat you will notice in just a few weeks of feeding only the premium food. It really does make a difference in thier appearance.
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I fed one of my cats, Nini, Authority(it is great food!) while she was growing up and Last month I switched to Nutro-Max.

Nutro Max is more expensive but it really does last a lot longer. One bag is lasting me 2x longer than Authority. I was really shocked!

I just thought I would pass on the tip!
Oh yea!- The Natural foods really do make my cat's poo stink less.

Have a great day everyone


charlottiek, Ninikitty, and Lila
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Mine love the Authority food. They have been eating it for about 9 months. All 3 of them are fairly small cats and none are big eaters. I think it has been about a month since I bought the 8 lb. bag, and they are still working on it. They get a little wet food twice a day, and free feed the dry food. I tried the Nutro Max food, and it made everybody very flatulent.
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oh well, I guess everyone is different...


charlottiek, Ninikitty, and Lila
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All my cats LOVE Authority except Twinkles. She is 10 years old and I think I am going to get her the Senior Cat Food. Thanks for all the advice!
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I have been feeding Ed ProPlan since he was a kitten. It is higher in protein and moisture and lists actual meat rather than "meal" as its first ingredient. He loves the taste.

The new kid on the block, Coco, isn't nearly as impressed. She nibbles at it, but when we brought home a sample of NutroMax she went to town.

It seems like the ProPlan should be healthier. Am I being fooled by the chicken vs. chicken meal concept. It also seems like the ProPlan should taste better.

If I switch brands for Coco I will switch them both since Ed samples her bowl anyway (he liked the NutroMax too, it seemed.)

Any advice?

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LOL, it depends on who you talk to. I think the debate on natural food vs the regular food and the debate on "high quality" food vs the "store brand" is just as sticky as politics.
My 2 cents on the issue is that the high quality foods are much better for them than the ones you get at the supermarket. All cats are different, and one may digest the all natural ones better than the others and vice versa. I could go on for a page or two telling you what I think about the ingredients, but it would only be my oppinion. I would maybe offer Ed some Nutro, and if he likes it, then switch the both of them. It's also possible that if each food agrees with both of them, you can mix the two together to make them both happy
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I have used Authority on Cats and Dogs for about 2 years now off and on. I would recommend the product to anyone on a budget, but who still want to feed something better than purina/friskys market.

Authority is on the low end of premium food I would say. They eat more of it than they would say innova, solid gold, royal canin etc. But it's a step in the right direction.
Natures Recipe is another good one, and sometimes can cost less than Authority!
Feed your cats by their weight, and by their activity level, and adjust accordingly.

If your worried about weight gain, then just feed them in their bowls a couple time a day. But if they are good with not just pigging out in front of the feeder, then you can go that route.

I normally notice full benefits on the fur/skin with in a month.
And lastly, for the most part yes, most cats stools will smell better after the first week (when all the old food is gone). But it's not guaranteed.

Oh, wanted to add, that the Lamb and Rice is my fav, but if you go over to the fish one, it could make their stools a little stinker, that's just what fish does for most animals.
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Pro Plan is a no go for me. It is filled with by-products. When real meat is listed, it actually is no good. The meal is way better. Here's why:

Meat vs. Meal

(Chicken & Lamb are 70% water and only 15% protein)


Pet food labels found in grocery and mass marketers like to use Chicken or Lamb to represent real meat. – (Contains 70% moisture). This leads you the consumer to believe that their product is meat based. Chicken or lamb meats are heavier than grains prior to cooking. The moisture contained in the meats (70%) is reduced by 2/3rds after the cooking process, leaving the total formula as a grain base food after processing.


(Chicken Meal and Lamb Meal are dry and 50% to 65% protein) meat protein!

High quality cat foods that list Chicken Meal or Turkey meal as the first ingredients are better for your cat. Chicken, Turkey and Lamb meals are dry and are less than 10% moisture and contain 50% - 65% meat proteins. In processing the meat meals do not shrink below the grain weight, producing a true meat based formula for your carnivores. AAFCO label rules require that, the heaviest to the lightest ingredients be the order on the guaranteed analysis panel, (with or without water content)

Here's how it works...

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thanks for the info. i have been really thinking of switching before and now it looks like i will. i am down to about a week or two, so it's a good time to start belnding them and phasing the pro plan out.
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I myself had problems with pro plan, it gave one of my cats very acidic urine, like a cats isn't already? lol
But it got about 100% worse, it was just overwhelming, we all should have warn gas masks when he used the box.
But now he's off it and he's fine!
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