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First Cuddle ....

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Well, first cuddle I've seen anyway

I have been leaving Seb and Daphne together while I go to work and then night classes the last week or so. Tonight, after I had been home for awhile, this is what I saw

They do play alot but this is the first real lovins I have witnessed. She tried to move once and that's when Seb decided to power clean her

Hope I haven't been posting too many photos today! I promise this is the last

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Awwwwww that's so cute!!!!! Daphne is so tiny compared to Seb!!!!!

Isn't the first snuggle just the most exciting thing!?!?! And post as many photos as you'd like, we love photos!
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I love how Seb's using his back feet to hold her down!
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those 2 are soooooooo cute!!!!!
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They are just darling! ROFL to the power clean! You are going to have to start saying, "this is my cat Seb, and Seb's cat Daphne"

I love all the photos, never get tired of seeing any of them. I sent your dancing to play thread to my family, they thought it was very funny!
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O my that is just too precious they are both such cuties, and I am so glad that Seb has really taken to his lil sister but look at that size difference :shock: and cuddleing and cleaning is always cute lol, i remember the firsts and too this day i find it so touching when they clean each other, not much cuddleing here but at least htey clean each other Just such cuties
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Awwwwwwwwwww that's so sweet!!!!! Their going to be firm friends without a doubt

I've got pictures of Rosie pinning Sophie down giving her a power wash as well And don't stop posting!!!!. That's an order!
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Thats some size difference

They are both beautiful however and its nice to see them getting along
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What cute photos. I love it when they groom each other.
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Ohhhh, what wonderful photos! Doesn't it just warm your heart when you see such loving and acceptance! A long and happy life for two new friends!
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Awww, that's adorable!
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how cute is that??!! both of your babies are just gorgeous
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That is just precious ...she looks so tiny next to Seb OMG
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Awwww! How cute is that!
They are both gorgeous.
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That is soo sweet! Absolutely adorable!
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Awww.. Daphne doesn't look too happy being power washed! They're both adorable
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