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Puppy update!

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Can you beleive they will be 7 weeks old Saturday?! I have my hands full with 3 growing bundles of energy. Now Shorty has nothing to do with them in any way. She's stopped being a "mom" about 5 days ago. The pups are pretty well weaned now so I'll be getting Shorty spayed next month. Poor girl liked to play with her pups but she's getting way too rough with them. She snapped at Porkchop and made her nose bleed. Poor baby.

Anyway, we're picking up on going potty outside more and more. Smart little buggers! Jewel has a deformaty with her back legs that's not being helped with the vitamins she's on. So, she's staying with us and so is Porkchop. Willy has a prospective home when he turns 8 weeks old. I'm trying to figure how to hang onto him for a few more years. LOL It's going to be sad when he goes but I'll have pics and his sisters keeping me on my toes.

I'll get some pictures up soon. They have grown and become even cuter, if that's possible.
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I'm glad you're keeping Jewel! A puppy with a deformity...is it something so that she cannot walk or what?

Good luck letting Willy go!
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She can walk just real slow. She can't keep up with her siblings but does her best. When she's walking she walks on the outside pads. It's hard to explain but it doesn't keep her back from doing things. She can't walk on tile, linolium or hardwood, though. Her leg goes out form under her and her butt plops onto the floor. Still doesn't stop her from trying. LOL We're thinking of calling her Bunny. When she runs, her back legs stay together and she hops.

Thanks for the luck. It's going to be hard.
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Chrissy, could it be Pano in the puppy that's having trouble walking? If so, most puppies do eventually outgrow it, and begin to walk and develop normally at some point...

And yes, most mother dogs do give up on the pups around this time...it's still important that the pups stay together for another 2 weeks or so (it isn't as long as it is with kittens), for the socialization, and so they can learn some play skills and manners from each other. Perhaps separating them from momma now is the best option, since they're eating fully on their own, and then re-introducing them in a few weeks to her, once they've matured a bit more. So glad to hear you're keeping Jewel and Porkchop!!! And I hope Willy loves his new home!!!
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Is a blood test required for the Pano? If not, what's the testing for it?
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Unfortunately, pano can be hard to diagnose, and it's more common to see it around a female's first heat (or around 6 months)...vets will very often misdiagnose it as hip dysplasia, and then worsen the condition by putting the pup through unnecessary procedures and surgeries. Puppies will often outgrow the condition on their own between 18 months to 2 years old. Another thing that came to mind is luxating patellas, which can cause some lameness in the back legs...both pano and luxating patellas are common in large breed puppies.

If you do a quick search online of either of these conditions, you will find a lot of info. Or, it could be a very early onset form of hip dysplasia.

I say wait it out, and see if she improves on her own over the next few months, as it doesn't sound like she's suffering too much. If she's not eating or drinking like usual, then she's truly in pain, and then it will be time to see the vet. In a pup this young, these things will often correct themselves, and sometimes it's better to wait it out a bit, and let her grow a bit more.
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Thanks Wookie. I just googled Pano and have been reading up on it. It sounds about like what she's been doing. We planned to switch over to adult dog food now that they are eating so well on their own. A breeder recommended the adult food over the puppy food because the puppy food will make them grow too fast. Sounded like sound advice and the article on Pano I read said the same about switching to a high quality dog food so that's what we'll do.
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I'm waiting for your updated pics!!!

I know nothing about Pano, but we did feed our puppies large breed puppy food. Not sure if that would have the same effect as adult food. I'm assuming that you are trying to slow down the quick growth.
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Alright. I'm going to be bad and post 3 seperate puppy pic threads. LOL They are big enough for their own threads now. Enjoy the pics!!!!
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I love your Siggy they are adorable
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