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Yes! Olivia you finally caved.lol I so happy for you minxie,Wasn't exciting. Azella went down as soon as they were all out. All 5 babies came out within 1 1/2 hours. 2:00 am To 3:36. I hope she will be ok. Please tell us how everything is going. Need an update. I'm Worried
Sending my prayers Olivias way
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how is olivia getting on now?

Is everything still stopped. Let us all know how its going as soon as you can,

Im sure everything is fine but i would be tempted to ring the vet again just to put your mind at rest if your still worried.

Fingers crossed all is well for you both x x x x
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Yay Olivia!!! Please update us on how she is doing now!
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Awww those two are precious! I hope Olivia and the other? babies are ok. Hopefully she has them soon and doesn't have to go to the vet. Keep us posted!
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OHHH YAHH! I am so excited for you and Olivia! Great news, she's all had us waiting on the edges of our seats for so long now! It's about time, lol! Keep us posted, and I can't wait to see more pics! Great Job!
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Yayy Olivia! How is she doing now? Anymore kitties? Can't wait to see more pics. They are adorable!
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Update - no more babies, no more labour. I went to the vet earlier than planned as I was getting a little concerned with the no show of more kittens...Vet did a palpitation examination and said she couldnt feel anything else. So its just two of them. Vet suggested that one reason why I thought there were more is because she is a very long haired cat, she looks a lot bigger than she actually is (I joked (but meant it quite seriously) 'no.. one reason I thought there were more is because last week you said you could feel a fair few'. She replied without ultrasounds, determining number of kittens just from feel is not a clear science . Ah well, Im just happy the kittens and Olivia are safe and well.

So Olivia has had us fooled as to due dates and numbers lol.

I'll take some pics of the little ones now. My hubby has made excuses to leave work early so he can come home and see the kittens. Im letting him name them because he said if there are just 2, WE ARE KEEPING BOTH OF THEM!

PROBLEM: I did have a kitten request list comprising of various family members...I feel bad for getting people's hopes up. My mum, in all honesty, will be ok and look for her persian kitten from the right breeder. Its my sister that will be a bit disappointed. If she is, then I'll part with one of these () or hopefully convince her to get a kitten from a rescue place. Im telling myself that this is all small fry and just to be happy Olivia and the kittens are safe and well.

I'll post pics in a sec
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Aww, your husband sounds like a real cat person. How sweet! I'm so glad you took her to the vet just so that you know everything is ok and she has two healthy babies. I can't wait to see more pics of them.
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Aww...I'm glad that all is well with Mommy Olivia and the babies. It would be wonderful if you could keep them both, I hope that it works out that way
Thanks for the update, I can't wait for more pic's, they are so cute
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Grrr - does anyone elses digital camera eat through the battery power? I have to wait until hubby is home (should be soon as he's left early) to bring me some batteries to be able to take some decent pics.

Ive taken some with my mobile phone camera in the meantime...they really are not the best quality pics. I'll post better ones once I get the digital camera.

Colourwise, they are dark. But its not a pure black. Its not dark blue either. Something in between lol.

Our little boy

Our little girl

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How cute!! Congratulations! Its about time, lol! Great news that they are both healthy
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Aww, I love the white on their faces!
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Awww congratulations!
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Adorable! You know, 4 ounces is a pretty good weight. So I guess they were just big babies!
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oh thats wonderful news,
congratulations and well done to both of you.

Where in the uk are you?? .......I will have some kittens needing homes in a few months.....LOL

Dont fret about letting people down....enjoy these babies as it all goes so quickly...it would be wonderful if they could grow up together as playmates.

Emma x x
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aww thats great news that mum and babys are doing well , and i love your sig and love your kittens bless them. thank you for the update.
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We've decided to call them Reuben and Eden. Both hebrew names meaning 'a son' and 'delight'.

Thanks for all your support and well wishes. I'll be putting up pics in the coming days once they develop a bit.

Its so sweet...Olivia left the crate to get some food and use the litter tray. The two little ones we're cuddling each other as if they were the only two creatures in the whole wide world. It made me melt.

Vet weighed them - both over 4 oz..big babies.

Good luck to all of you awaiting the birth of your kittens.
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I'm so glad everything is well! I loved the pics, precious babies.
Congrats on your little ones!
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Once again CONGRATS, and great job Olivia

they are both just soo precious, what cuties, i do hope u get to keep them both, and telling ur sister maybe to rescue a baby is a great idea Please keep us updated on everything and of course take lots and lots of pics
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Awww, love your new siggy!!
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Wonderful news!! Glad mom is ok and the kittens are beautiful!!!
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Wow!!! 4 oz. a kitten are some big babies, especially so soon after birth!!! Congrats on the chubby kits!!! They look so fluffy already!!!

What sweethearts!
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Awww Minxie i'm so happy for Olivia and You.Congrats on the healthy babies. Olivias ok. thats great news. Happy Birthday Rueben and Eden.
Give Olivia and the babies some hugs and Kisses from me.
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Congrats they are Beautiful!

My Cally had 3 She is such a good Mommy.

You must be relieved they are finally here!
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Congratulations! They are precious.
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Awwwww... con-CAT-ulations! The babies are precious and Olivia is gorgeous!
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Aw thank you guys!! Im in kitty dreamland here, watching over them as I type.

Having a 'humbly blessed' moment here - I feel so grateful that all went ok, especially when I read other posts where things didnt work out so well with the births. Can happen to anyone.

They say the first few days is critical to a kitten's survival...so fingers crossed for Reuben, Eden and all the other new borns who have graced us this last week.
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I love the names, both really lovely! So nice u get to keep them too!
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oh right so I go away for a few days and Olivia decides to produce !
well I suppose we were waiting forever


the babies look so sweet I bet you are in cuteness heaven
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