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We 're having babies now!!!

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Olivia has decided its the time.

One is out! Off to see her...she picks the best times 5.20am! lol

I woke up to hear squeaking noises...looked up and saw a little dark kitten with a white left paw being licked by mummy. Its suckling off her now!
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Finally! Go Olivia go!! You're in good hands, my dear!
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Yay! I can't wait to see pic's
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Yeah Olivia!!!! Can't wait to see those precious little ones, and tonight your Meowmy will get a good nights sleep!!
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~Ohhhh YAYYY! Well I guess u gotta change ur siggy soon she isnt on STRIKE anymore GO OLIVIA GOOOOO~
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Its been over 1 hour since the first kitten came out. Its all settled and cleaned and placenta eaten up.

This length gap is nothing to worry about is it?
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Do you know if she is haveing more then one? and i do know that after so long u are suppose to call a vet but she is probally ok and you are just a worried mommy and grandma....lol hope everything goes well and congrats and sendin healthy kitty vibes
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Yes vet said there's defnitely a few in there. She doesnt look uncomfortable or straining. Her stomach does look like its contracting every now and then and she lifts her back leg up as she senses it...so Im sure more on their way soon.

Kitten no1 is suckling away...and Olivia has her paw around it and her head is resting gently next to it. Its such a precious sight. Its amazing how that maternal instinct and knowledge of what to do kicks in automatically.
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I hope things are going well with Olivia and that her others babies come soon. Hoping you'll be posting pics soon. By the way Olivia is really beautiful. I am sure all will be fine.

Good Luck, with the rest.
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Yay! Go Olivia Go! I can't wait to see pics of the new babies. I'm sending good vibes your way. Keep us updated!
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Its great she has finally decided its time.....LOL

Glad everything is going well......is there any sign of more babies yet?
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I'll post clearer pics of the new born(s) later once labour is over and done with

But for now, just wanted to post these...mum and her first baby..... Its dark grey all over, with 4 white socks and white around its mouth and chin! Weighing in at 4 oz. Born at 5.20am. Its loving having all those teats to itself at the moment! lol

I checked the sexing diagrams..I think its a boy, but cant be sure

No sign of more babies yet....this is one girl who likes to take her time. Better go check on her x
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arrrr how sweet. She seems to be coping really well. Is she still showing signs of labour?

congrats to you both x x xx
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CONGRATS Im glad everything is going good so far, just keep checking on her to make sure she is ok! Be sure to keep us updated and I am sending many good delivery vibes and healthy babies vibes

those pics are great, cant wait to see more
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aww he's precious!
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Originally Posted by lil'misskisses View Post
Is she still showing signs of labour?
Yes looks like its started again...she's licking herself down there again and started to strain a little every now and then. wonder if the next one is breech..hence the delay/straining? anyway better go get back to her. I'll keep a close eye..any difficulties, i'll call the vet. But for now i think all is ok
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aww, first one is a cutie. Black cats are the best.
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oh good luck. Boo liked a long rest between babies. she rested for over an hour between baby 2 and 3.

Off on school run now. looking forward to more news so will check back in when i get home.

Take care, Emma x x
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8.30am...no 2 just born all ok...phew...there was a fair bit of straining and screaming on Olivia's part. And yes it was breech. But all ok..phew.

No 2 looks like no 1.

My heart is beating so fast!
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LOL.....take a deep breath and remember to keep breathing.

I was so excited when boo had her's i kept holding my breath....LOL

So pleased for you this is finally happening and she is doing so well

x x x x x x
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And then there were 2.... Both grey/black. 1 boy, 1 girl...so far

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Oh my word their gorgeous Well done Olivia sweetie

I want one!
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How are you going to choose just one Susan ?
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congratulations!! exciting!!
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Nearly 7 hours since the first birth. Olivia is sleeping and not showing signs of further labour. She is very tired, my poor babe. The two little ones are lively little creatures ! Their coats are gorgeous - solid smokey grey-blue black with white feet and facial features. Be interesting to see how they develop.

The thing is..Olivia still looks huge in the tummy. I called the vet and vet said that if she hasnt had any more babies by later this afternoon, to bring her in at 6.20pm for an examination and possible ultrasound/oxytocin injection if there are more babies. Vet says she was expecting more than 2 kittens , as I was too going by Olivia's size .

Have any of you guys had a cat where kittens are born more than 7-8 hours after the birth of the first kitten?

Also in general, are cats still big in size after they have given birth? I can rememeber Tinkerbelle going down in size immediately after the birth of her kittens. Just wondering if Olivia's size is normal for a post-natal mum or whether there are more babies inside?
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I'm not sure if she'll still look a bit large after the birth for a while or not...

I don't mean to alarm you, but that's quite a while to wait for a vet if you think there could possibly be more kittens...if there are more, and she's not delivering, this could be unsafe for Olivia and the other unborn kittens (if there are any more). Can you call around, and see if there's another vet that will take her in sooner, or call your regular vet back to get her in ASAP?

Congrats on the 2 that arrived!!! They look beautiful from the pics!!!
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aw how lovely congrats on the 2 little ones, i remember both lilly and anne went down in size straight away , just a bit saggy.
i agree i would try and get her in sooner just to check her.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
How are you going to choose just one Susan ?
Oh i know, i would probably have to steal two
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Had one rex queen that went 7-8 hrs before the last one born. I got worried too. Sometimes if its only a few and its the last one, it takes awhile to come down the "track" - cause there are no other kittens behind them to push.

Keep us AND your vet informed - you don't want a retained kitten - will be more then not giving birth complications!

Kittens look black to me - not dark blue. But will wait for more pictures from you
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YAY Olivia...Bless her heart, she looks so tired in that 2nd pic
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