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Poor Chay has a sneeze!

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My poor baby has a little sneeze. Its actually kind of cute. He doesn't seem to be otherwise feeling bad, no runny nose/eyes or anything like that, so I'm not worried yet. But some vibes that he doesn't get any sicker would be much appreciated.

Can kitties get sneezy allergies from the pollen like we can? Other than the sneeze, he's just as active as ever - I've got a nice set of grazes on my leg from "Catch the mommy mouse under the covers!" this morning!
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If he's an indoor kitty, I would assume it is allergies. Smudge sneezes several times a day. At first I thought he was sick, but he just sneezes a few times and that's it. I guess you should just watch his eyes for signs of a URI.
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That sounds like what he's doing. I know the pollen count around here is high - my allergies are acting up so bad it hurts to breathe right now. And his brother apparently gets all sniffly from allergies too. Looks like its a family thing! I hate for him to feel bad, but little kitty sneezes are too cute!
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My kitties gets the sneezies too! I alway assume it's allergies because it goes no further than that.
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A couple of my cats sneeze on occasion. They have no diagnosed allergies and it's usually after sniffing something dusty/unusual.

They get irritants in their nasal passageways just as we do and will react. It is pollen and shedding time so that can contribute.

But sure it's good to watch for any other symtpoms, which would follow in short order if something else were at play. Watch appetite and litter habits (like we aren't all doing that around the clock now!) Do you have a rectal thermometer? Checking his temp might put your mind at ease.

I actually find cats sneezes adorable. My poor grayboy--when he sneezes it's earth-shattering. It sounds like a trumpet and you can hear it from clear across the house.

Last night my cats were sniffing around the sweet potatoes we made so I dabbed a bit on their noses. Kowe went into a 3-sneeze fit.
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