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Daily thread for Sat April 28th

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Happy Saturday all!! I will apologise yet again for my lack of posting this week. I have been so busy this week that I feel like I am on one of those amusment park rides!! I am up early on a Saturday AGAIN and ready to get to Hartford and help Rene find homes for her kitties. I am going to go help both days. It is going to take up the whole weekend, but its for a good cause. My plan is to get my toosh in gear and get the house straight and on to Hartford. The only bad thing is that it is an hour from here. I hope everyone is having very nice weather and enjoying their weekend so far!!
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Hartford, eh? As in "Hartford, Connecticut"? I used to go there, years ago, with my parents to visit my father's side of the family. They lived in West Hartford. (We're talking the 1950s here.) The last time I was there was in 1965, when I flew into Windsor Locks; then my brother and me drove back down to Miami, Florida, in his 1960 Plymouth. Ah, memories!

My weekend is going to be great! The usual loose ends, which get tied up on weekends, are already in order. All systems are "Go," which in this case means I can "Stay" home. Yay!

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Sandie, sounds like you have a productive weekend ahead of you.

Mr.Cat, glad to hear you can just relax this weekend!

I'm off to the police auction. hope I find something good
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Why I'm posting is beyond me. I have a final exam in microcomputers in 2 hours, and the giant clean-up project of the new house to contend with after that (see Daily Thread for Friday).

What I need right now is a power-house clean-up person. Hey, Sandie, how about I fly you to Florida?
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I hope that you are all having a great weekend - makes me really sad and envious that you are all on weekend and I am stuck in the office

Anyways I must get back to work it is nearly home time...then I will get loads a lovin' from my two puddy cats...that si the best thing about work is I know that at the end of the day they are waiting for me at home :flash:
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I should be busy painting, but I'm not. Instead I am reading posts here and catching up. Later I will finish painting the scenes and sayings. etc. on the handmade denim bibs I a doing for on of the young ladies at church who is expecting her first child in June. There is a shower for her May 12th so I still have a litle time left to finish the artwork. I just don't feel too creatie today for some reason. Maybe the urge will hit me later. Have a good and productive weekend everyone. AP, let us know if you find any bargains at the police auction. I always wanted to go to one of those. . . . . . .
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LOL it sounds like everyone is going to have a busy weekend. Even Mr cat...I am sure you are busy thinking of ways to burn calories around the house. Yes, Hartford CT. It is probably more trashy than you remember it. Deb, its too bad you are moving soon. We are ALL coming in Sept and I am sure we could have done a HUGE moving party...trash you say...I LOVE throwing stuff out!!
We had fun at the cat show. I brought home a stud male for one of my cats and tomorrow I will be taking my kitty to be adopted into a new home. Now I am going to catch up on a few things!!!
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Sandie; When you bring home a new stud male does that mean that he is yours to keep or is he just there until the service is done? I hope this is not too crude or stupid a question; I know very little about the business of pure bred cat breeding. . . . . .
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Well, in my case I don't keep whole males in the house of my own. They stink to badly and its an accident waiting to happen since I dont cage my kitties. So, no he is going to go back to his owner when he does his job. But because I love them so much I keep them here with the female until right before birth. The one I have now is an adorable pointed munchkin named Coon. He is a real sweetie!!!
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I'm up to 10 bags of trash, and that covers the bathroom, the linen closet, and a small portion of the kitchen. Whew!!!

Today, I got the entire bathroom scrubbed from top to bottom, including new shelf paper in all cabinets and drawers. I made the smallest dent in the kitchen. That's tomorrow's project.

After that was a stop at Home Depot. I am replacing every single shelf in every closet. They are the Closet Maid vinyl-coated metal type. They were so foul and sticky that I couldn't forsee ever getting them clean! The Home Depot guy said that was from age, and I never would have gotten them clean. So he cut me all new shelves. That was money well spent. I also bought a cat door for the slidiing glass door. Now to find somebody handy to install it for me!

I'm wiped out, and I've only just begun.
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