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How was your Christmas?

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Hope you all had a great time with your little kitties!

We had dinner at my brother's place. As some of you may know, I live in Israel, so most people around here are celebrating Hanuka rather than Christmas , but my sister in law is British so we keep her company on Christmas.

It was very nice. They have a 3 month old kitten that they rescued when she was a tiny 2 weeks old. I haven't seen her in weeks - she's turned into a beautiful semi-longhaired young black cat.

How was your Christmas? You don't HAVE to have cat stories here, you know...
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We had a wondeful Christmas! Our daughter has more to play with than the law allows! My husband did the most wonderful thing for me. He made light switch plates for me and every one of our cats was put on them!! Now I have to find 10 light switches in the house...hehe. Then for the afternoon we went and spent it with our friends at the animal rescue. It is always fun to get together with cat people. We got to play x mas trivial persuit talk about what we love most...CATS. Our cats spent all day playing with their new toys and the dog ate himself silly!! This was a Christmas to remember!!!!
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Can't say this was my best christmas ever....my stove quit working and I was supposed to have 15 people over for christmas dinner that day!!! So I had to microwave everything....I was not happy. But all's well that ends well I guess. Merlin really enjoyed playing with the christmas wrapping paper!!!
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Poor Debby! Having 15 people over is quite a challenge even when everything is working... I hope you got some nice presents.

Sandie, what a wonderful original gift your husband gave you! How did he make them? Is it something you order from a shop or is it some sort of craft? I wonder if I could get some for our new home (we're moving in less than 2 months). We only have 2 cats, but it will be a small house
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Yes, the switch plates are made from home. You buy the oversized plates and sand them down...then go to an office supply place and have them put the pictures on some regular paper. (we had digital pictures on photo printer paper). Use the modge podge to glue it to the plate and use about 15 to 20 coats on the top. My husband husband used a program to make the pictures look like water color but that was just his personal prefrence. They are so nice to have!! I hope you can find the time to do it, it sure does make a nice touch!!!

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My husband and I went away for Christmas and had our
Landlord's daughter take care of Casey. We came back to
find that Casey had had got her paws on the remains of a
Candy necklace. She ate the elastic necklace, we found
out as we found it in a fur ball on our carpet!! I think
she is O.K. but will keep my eye on her!! We missed
her but bought her one of those cat gyms for $150 Canadian!
Can you believe that?? Spoiled kitten!

I wish everyone a happy new year!!!
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Thanks for explaining Sandie - I love those projects!

Heather, does Casey often throw up furballs on the carpet? Luckily, my Mishmish takes care to leave her furballs on the floor... how very considerate
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Hi Anne,

Thank you for such a quick response. As you might
have noticed I have jumped into this chat function with
both feet! There are only 2 rooms in our apartment that
don't have carpet so yes it is usually on the carpet!!!!
Luckey me!!!
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Heather....what exactly is a cat gym....what does it look like? I bought Merlin a scratching post with a ball on a spring on top, and he doesn't play with it or use it at all!!!!
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If you read my thread in the behavior section you'll probably know that I brought Tabby home to my parents place for 5 days. She was a brat! Hissing at everyone! And she got on the dining room table and wouldn't get off - a good vantage point there I guess. She sort of calmed down after a couple of days, and she was great on the ride home! I took her out of her carrying case (I know, I shouldn't do that) and she was so nice and cuddly! She likes to look out the window in the car.

I couldn't beleive it, my mom and my boyfriend's mom both bought Tabby a Christmas present. My mom got her a treat releasing ball toy - the problem is that tabby doesn't like treats, so I'll have to find something else to put in it that rattles around maybe. Jeff's mom got her this really cute pewter guardian angel to go on her collar. From "Santa" she just got some new toys. That cat has way too many toys!
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Megan, I'm happy to see that the grandmothers are buying such nice gifts for your baby...
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Oh Megan, that is sweet!! Your boyfriend must have an awfully nice mother to buy a gift for your cat as well!!
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I have six cats. I bought two kitty gyms. You might want to try getting a can of spray catnip and spray the heck out of it. If they are as crazy about catnip as mine are, they'll go for it. I bought my very first kitty gym direct from the manufacturer in the back of Cat Fancy Magazine. It has 4 tiers on it and cost me only $123. That included shipping and handling. The second one I bought from Petco for $99. It too has four tiers but is smaller. Both of them I sprayed with catnip. My cats live on those things. I've got one in my living room and one in my bedroom right in front of the windows. They sleep in it, watch the birds and squirrels. It was the best investment I ever made. At first I didn't think they were going to use them and thought I had wasted my money. Lo and behold after a while, they were all over it. Give it some time. I think you'll be surprized. Good luck!
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