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Help! Sneezing!

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Escher and Phoebe just went to the vets on Monday (both super healthy, just going to get their annual shots, plus Phoebe gets an allergy shot every spring) and this afternoon when we got home, Escher started sneezing! He hasn't sneezed once this week (well, he almost never sneezes) until today, and now he goes into little sneezing fits! About once every hour (sometimes more) he'll sneeze 4-7 times in a row!

His eyes look ok, he's still eating, pooping, playing. Does this sound like a URI? Could he have caught it while at the vets for 15 min.? Phoebe has been fine, no sneezing, just her usual 1-2 vomits per week. They weren't even lethargic and sickly after their shots (like they usually are for a day or two).

I should also mention that we currently have foster kittens, but none of them are sneezing either! I think I've only heard one of them sneeze once or twice in the last 3 weeks.
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I don't know much about sneezing either. Both mine have been doing it but the hasn't found anything. Maybe it is allergies to pollen or dust? I have lots of the dust Hopefully someone with more experience will pop up.
Let us know how it goes for you!
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It is probably a little reaction to the vaccines they received ... watch them for signs of worsening, but it should most likely go away in a couple of days.
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So...no sneezing from Escher this morning...at all! Last time they got their vaccinations, both were lethargic for a couple days, not eating, and had upset stomachs (guessing b/c they would hiss if we tried to touch their stomach, which they normally don't do). But this time they didn't get sick, just a little lethargic that night, but it could have been from the general stress of going to the vets. Would the vaccinations cause those sneezing fits for just one day?
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