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Migraines anyone?

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I am working on my migraine site now, changing file structures and such and I figured this would be a good time to add some stories to the personal migraine stories section. If anyone here suffers from migraines and cares to share his/her story with the world, could you please send me your story in a PM? I will publish the story, in your own words. I need your first name only.

You can write whatever you like in it, depicting it your way. If you need some pointers, here are a few -
A bit about yourself, age, sex etc.
Describe the course of your migraine (including any early phases, auras etc)
When did your migraines begin (if you recall, what was your first migraine like)
Any particular triggers that you managed ot identify for your migraines
How were you diagnosed
Which treatments have you tried and did they work for you.
How does your migraine effect your everyday life

These are just ideas, feel free to elaborate on these or any other topic.

Thank you!
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Ooh! I get migraines. Will do that in a moment.
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Thank you! That was interesting read and will go into the site.
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Ooh I'll find some time to talk about my migraines - they're not regular but I know what sets them off, and I can always tell when they're coming.
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