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EMERGENCY: Anyone in Southeast Kansas?

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You may have noticed Catloverin_KS's thread yesterday about this kitty:


She contacted the owner and learned that she was planning to have the cat put to death if she couldn't find a home for her. So I started searching online and by phone, and I finally found a shelter in Pittsburg, KS that said they could let the kitty join their no-cage, no-kill cat room! What luck!

But now we need a way to get the kitty down there. She's in Cherryvale, KS, and the shelter is in Pittsburg, about 90 minutes away. Is there anyone in the area there that could help?

If all else fails, I'll have to drive up there myself -- but that's a round trip of over 800 miles, and I'd have to borrow gas money from my folks... and I'm not sure my 12-year-old car would make it, either.

So if you know anyone in SE Kansas or NE Oklahoma who might be willing to give this kitty a ride, please let me know! Many thanks for reading...

EDIT: I have to go offline for a few hours, but will check in as soon as I get back.
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anybody got a spare 90 minutes to save a life?

Good luck Carol !!
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I just PM'd you. I can help on Saturday.
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Back again -- Momofmany is an absolute angel! It would be a long drive for her, too, all the way from Kansas City, but she's willing to do it if we don't find anyone closer.

So we're still hoping someone closer to the Cherryvale-Pittsburg area will turn up and save Momofmany a long trip... but at least we know this kitty will be in a safe place soon.
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How wonderful is that?

Not too long now and kitty will be safe

Both of you and anybody else who has tried to help have hearts of gold

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UPDATE: It looks like this kitty has a new home -- I'm just waiting to hear that the transfer has occurred! For the details, please see the thread under the same title in The Cat Lounge... and thank you to the moderators who allowed me to post in both forums, to get the word out to more people.
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I've just read the update and im so pleased she's in a safe, loving home now
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You all started something good from this !!

I hope the legacy of " The Kansas Kitty" will live on.......
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