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Felidae cat food

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Hi, I just purchased a Persian kitten and was wondering the best food to feed him? What do you feed and why? I've been told that Felidae was one of the best?
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Ooooooh He's so cute!! I don't know how you can have something that cute around you and not be squeezing him all the time.

I have a Persian too and I can't walk by his sweet face without a pet or a hug. He doesn't like the hugs to much and starts doing the Persian pout but I can't help myself.

Ok anyway back to the topic. I feed my cats Wellness(as I have written 2242443 times before) and personally I feel it's one of the better foods I can feed my cats besides a homemade diet. I like the fact that it does not contain any by-products,corn or artifical flavors or colors.

Alot of people around here seem to like Royal Canin and from what I've heard Felidae is a good food although I've never looked into it.
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I have fed Felidae to my cats and they loved it and did well on it. Currently Im feeding California Natural for its lower calories ( two of mine were getting a bit chubby) and before this I fed Innova. All of my cats have also done well on Innova (with the exeption of the weight gain in the two chubby cats). Though I think there are many great brands out there..Im somewhat partial to Natura's products(Innova, Healthwise, California Natural) because my cats look so good on it, its one of the better brands thats fairly easy to find around here, I like the maker's philosophy and they have great customer service with quick responses and sincere,well explained answers to all of my questions.

There are so many good brands to choose from - Wellness, Innova, Felidae, Pinnacle, Royal Canin, Natural Balance, Solid Gold are a few IMO.
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We are a Wellness and Natural Balance house.
The feline species seem to love the Natural Balance and it is fairly easy to get and a decent price.
The canine loves Wellness, and the felines love Wellness crumbs. So we may become a Wellness house, but it is a little harder to obtain and a little pricier.
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innova has been called the mercedes of natural foods...and the same company that makes innova makes natural choice, which has less veggies in it, making it easier for kitties withi sensitive tummies to digest. BUT, i have a kitty with a sensitive tummy and i found that innova and wellness (i have both out for them) are fine for her. what she did have a problem with was anything containing duck. lamb is also an ingredient that may cause problems until your kitty gets used to eating it.

there's something called prozyme, or something, that is a natural additive - to make the transition easier. you just add it to the wet food or sprinkle it on the dry food (worked for me) until your kitty is used to the new food. i got it (not sure if that's the name, but it is something like that) at my holistic vet.

good luck! i love that you're choosing the "natural" foods - there are no by-products, all the meat and other ingredients are human grade (rather than the stuff that goes rotten on the supermarket shelves or was dead before slaughter, therefore unfit for human consumption). you're making a great choice! i had no idea those things were in the "regular" food until my local news channel (local NBC) ran a news blurb called "what's in your pet food?" i was shocked, SHOCKED at what i learned.

steph, delph and josie
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I feed them Royal Canin and IAMS mixed. These foods seem to be available mostly every wwhere so when my kittens fing a furrever home they won't have an upset tummy from different food than they are used to. I also provide food to the new parents so they won't have to run out and get food right away. I also provide litter box, dishes, microchip, and tons of other stuff they will need.
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Ah! I just want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George
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Ohhhh what a precious bundle of fur!!!!!!!!! Congradulations.

I also purchased Felidae for the reason that it is suposed to be the best - but alas my guy stuck his nose up in the air and would not touch it- hmmm.

He loves his Science Diet!
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Funny Hell603, my little Spike did the same thing. He actually ate around the Felidae and ate the Nutro kibble while I was trying to switch him over. So, Nutro it is! :tounge2:
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